Gomacro Bars

I just want to begin by saying I didn’t start this blog to promote brands and products – but I know how hard I struggled to find really good quality bars and treats and snacks. I’ve actually been on the hunt for a good filling and natural treat and snack for vegans for quiet some time now and I found a pretty good one! Gomacro bars are amazing – vegan, organic, gluten free and non-GMO. Pretty much everything a health nut would be looking for! And their flavors are amazing. Macrobiotics is a diet/lifestyle that includes eating locally sourced vegetables, and avoiding the use of highly processed or refined foods and most animal products. Pretty much the same as being vegan, but it sounds a bit less pretentious and more scientific. It’s actually supposed to have positive effects for those with cancer.
That’s the reason this company ‘Gomacro’ was created. Amelia had breast cancer and wanted to look beyond modern medicine to heal herself in a more natural way. It took her 1 year but she now has the energy and vitality she needs to live each day to its full.
This is the reason I chose to go vegan- it’s not because I’m one of petas strongest advocates- don’t get me wrong I feel good knowing I’m not supporting the harming of animals but it was really for my own health.
This is also the reason why I love these gomacro bars – they have everything I need, nothing I don’t and are so amazingly tasty and nutritious.
I’d suggest checking them out online to see where you can buy their products closest to you!



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