Bangin’ Burrito

Burritos are a lifesaver for vegans and vegetarians! I was recently out with some friends at a restaurants trying to be cautious of my choice of food from the fairly un-vegan menu. My options were – roasted squash pasta, veggie burger or a salad. Of course when your vegan or vegetarian your go to meal when your out is usually the salad, so when there are other options at the table you try to explore. Well the pasta was made with egg noodles, and the veggie burger was made with egg whites, so neither of these two were suitable – I ordered the salad. To be safe I always order salads with dressing on the side so I can choose how much goes on and also know there’s no sugar or weird stuff in my dressing. I did just that, however the salad came with a creamy sauce all over the kale and lettuce! I sent it back and requested again no dressing on the salad and this time just oil and vinegar on the side. They brought me a replacement salad and remembered to put the oil and vinegar on the side this time.. But the lettuce still came rubbed in a dairy filled cream dressing. Apparently this is how they do their salads.  Since everyone else ordered at the same time, after I’d (tried not to but did) complain the second time everyone was pretty much done.

It was at that moment I wished we chose a more suitable restaurant for the overly picky (and as I like to see it healthy) eater (me!). A burrito chain would have been awesome! They always offer vegetarian options and if your careful you can get a completely vegan burrito too! Well needless to say I enjoy making my own vegan burittos at home filled with ingredients I know and the topped off with the tastiest guacamole ever.

1 wrap (preferrably gluten-free rice wrap)
1/4 cup quinoa
1/4 cup black beans (soaked and cooked, or canned)
Handful of roasted sweet potato
1/2 ripe vine tomato
several servings of guacamole (see previous post)
Additional ingredients:
Handful of kale, chopped carrots and corn

For the seasoning:
1 teaspoon cayene pepper
1 teaspoon turmeric
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon salt & pepper

Heat a skillet on medium-low heat with a drizzle of coconut oil and add the quinoa, beans and sweet potato. Add the seasoning and stir around until everything is warm. Warm up the wrap in the oven for a few minutes at the lowest heat (around 175 degrees). Take the wrap out of the oven, put on plate and smear on some guacamole. Add the seasoned quinoa, beans and sweet potato and then your other toppings of choice ( I added kale and carrots this time). Top off with some more guacamole and your done! roll the wrap tightly and if you’d like toast up on both side in the skillet or in a panini press.




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