Review: Toronto Veg Food Fest

I am so excited to have been able to attend this amazing event! There was so much plant based food there, all gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had since going Vegan.

As a newbie vegan struggling to find healthy vegan products and snacks, the amount of Vendors was overwhelming – anything from fresh coconuts, to vegan snacks and bakeries to vegan friendly clothing and accessories! I found a few new brands I’m really loving and of course some great bakeries! It was encouraging to see the number of health concious people there too, what crowd this festival drew.

One of the best things about the Veg Food Fest was that admission was free! I feel that admission really limits your attendees, if the cost is too high you won’t get as many people, if there’s a cost at all you won’t get those ones ‘on the fence’ who would have gone if it were free. It definitely allowed more people to come check out vegan friendly products and samples.

Some of my Favourite Vendors:

Giddy Yoyo – Giddy had almost all of there products there at great prices and were even sampling their chocolate (made with more than 50% cacao).

Simply Protein – I love this brand. They have great vegan friendly snack, high in protein and low in sugar. I purchased a box of their awesome vegan BBQ protein chips!

Jax Coco – This was a new company to me and I loved them! They have a variety of coconut products, including coconut water in different flavours. I purchases their sample pack of 6 kids drinks for $2 and tried every flavour. It was incredible.

Larabar – These guys make really good energy bars. They too were providing samples and of course I snagged a few. Their bars are really delicious and chewy and come in a variety of flavours.

Manitoba Harvest – These guys offer awesome hemp hearts and protein powders (both of which I purchase on a regluar basis).

Vitamix – These guys were sampling all kinds of smoothies and demoing their blenders. A dream of a blender I’d love to own!

Prana – These guys offer all kinds of superfoods and nuts and were offering fantastic discounts.

Buchie & Sash – These guys were another new brand for me. They offer amazing cashew based cream cheeses (and dips) in various flavours! I snagged a few tubs for myself before they sold out.

There were so many more vendors, too many to list in detail but the ones mentioned above were a few of my faves!

The best bakery by far in my option was Tori’s BakeShop. Oh my goodness, they have the most amazing heavenly vegan and gluten free donut I’ve ever tried. It was actually even better then the regular donuts I used to eat. I wanted to buy 100. I plan on visiting them more frequently for sure!

The best food vendor I’d have to say was Hot Beans with their amazing mac and cheese burrito! I don’t normally indulge in these kinds of foods but I had to see what the vegan version was like and it did not dissapoint! It just proved to me that you can still enjoy some of the ‘fastfoods’ without compromising your vegan, plant based lifestyle.

Overall the festival was very fun, informative and exciting. I am eagerly anticipating next years already!







  1. September 23, 2014 / 7:05 pm

    Those donuts though.. SO good! Wish I could have those babies every day haha. Buchie and Sash was unreal too!

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