Sweet Pecan Almond Bliss Balls

I fell in love with these treats the second I took my first bite. They were perfectly moist and a tad crunchy but the sweet flavour was mouth watering. This recipe was only 6 ingredients and took very little time to make! I love when a recipe use the minimalist amount of ingredients – it truely feels and tastes so raw and delicious and you get to appreciate each ingredient and flavor.

Almonds are awesome little nuts – I use these in everything from salads, entrees, smoothies and even as my nut butter and milk. Almonds are packed full of goodness including vitamins and minerals such as Biotin, Vitamin E, Manganese, Copper and Vitamin B2, and of course these little nuts provide a solid amount of protein. But that’s not all, Almonds are high in monosaturated fats – yep they’re fatty! But these nuts are the good kind of fat – notice the are high in ‘mono’saturated fats and not just saturated fats – which is great for reducing heart disease and cholesterol. Who doesn’t love a food that does such good things for you? honestly, I want to eat everything that provides my body with real raw vitamins and minerals so it can flourish!

Pecans are also amazing little nuts super high in mono saturated oils making it one of the fattiest nuts! Again, it’s always a good kind of fat. Pecans are also incredibly high in the trace mineral Manganese which is very important for our skin – it helps us produce collagen and antioxidants.

All kinds of nuts are great for us, in moderation, and should be consumed on a regular basis as a par of our daily diet.

1 cup almonds
1/2 cup pecans
10 pitted medjooled dates
2 tbsp cacao nibs
2 tbsp almond butter
1 tbsp Giddy Yoyo Lucuma powder


Add the almonds, pecans, almond butter, lucuma powder and pitted dates to a food processor and mix until nuts are finely chopped and mixture is kind of sticky. Stir in cacao nibs with spoon and begin to form mixture into round bite sized treats. Enjoy immediately or place your treats in the fridge for up to 3 weeks and enjoy daily on the go!


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