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Never in all my life would I have thought ginger could be a treat. When I was a kid ginger was the farthest thing from my mind in terms of food – I wanted the good stuff – processed meals, sugary candies and drinks, chips, cookies – but not ginger. Even when I began my love affair with sushi I avoided anything with ginger as it was just ‘gross’. I laugh at my old self now, I’m so much better educated about food and the power it has to heal us. Ginger is an amazing food – its not only use for reducing inflammation, it’s great for all kinds of gastrointestinal distresses, including nasuea, vomitting, diarreah and even dizziness. Ginger also has a wonderful spicy flavour which is hard to match and goes so well in a varitey of asian dishes. When I found Chimes Gourmet products in my local health food store I figured I’d give them a try, considering my new found respect and understanding of this powerful food.


Oh my. What a treat this company makes! I cannot get enough of their flavoured ginger chews. They come in a variety of flavours – original, peppermint, mango, orango and peanut butter – all just as good as the next. I always carry a pack of chimes with me as they are a nice little treat and far better than the big brand processed snacks. Chimes Gourmet also offers a variety of packaging – snack size tin cans, snack size paper pouches & full size paper pouches. The tin cans are a great buy as they can be reused!

Chimes Gourmet began in Indonesia in a small town near Mt. Bromo. The ginger grown there comes from mineral rich soil thanks to the active volcano and is used in a variety of dishes. It was only until a herbalist visiting a young aspiring couple and offered a recipe for chewy ginger candies that the company really took off. In 2003 offering three flavours: Original, peppermint and peanut butter. They became popular and the increase in demand spread quickly and then they added two more flavours: Orange and Mango! Today Chimes Gourmet employs hundreds of local villagers and are not considered a ‘Heritage Industry’. 

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Chimes uses a time-honored technique of stone grinding, enabling them to extract the purest ginger essence that gives Chimes its unique warming sensation. The kick you get from these little treats is enough of a boost to skip that afternoon coffee and of course is much healthier for you too! Chimes ginger chews are sweetened with cane sugar and not any of that processed refined white sugar or corn syrups used in almost all north american candies. If your looking for a new fantastic healthy snack – check out Chimes for a quality snack!

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