The Sugar Struggle


I’m actually still struggling with this one. I tend to find myself indulging in sweet treats every now and then, and sipping on a ginger ale (sometimes with added whiskey). I know all this stuff isn’t good for me, it’s all part of the reason I explored veganism, so I could give up all those bad processed food and sugar eating habits. I have to say I have come a long way, but I still encounter bumps in the road.


It always helps me to find other vegans and plant based foodies who have overcome this struggle, along with that medical and scientific facts, studies and research to confirm what I’m doing is best for my body. Thanks to Kris Carr’s weekly email this morning I actually found a medical study done that proves meats and dairy can increase the effects/risks of endometriosis.

It’s articles like this that remind me I am being kind to my body and doing what’s best for it. I am eating to heal myself and create an overall healthier me. It’s one thing to read about someones view of food (including myself) but when there is definite facts behind these statements it only increases your trust and understanding. I now know what’s not good for my body. I am trying very hard to cut out all the badness and only allow good, organic, healthy plant foods to surround my life. I have negative and bad ‘vegan’ days where I wish I could just get away with eating eggs or a few peices of chicken.. but then I come to a realization that these are the foods that caused all of my health problems to begin with. To eat them would only be feeding the illness and I would inevitably be taking a step backwards.


I wanted to share this with everyone in the event you too are struggling with cutting out bad foods and trying to remain on a healthy course. It is possible, but it doesn’t just happen overnight and you can easily fall a few steps behind, the important lesson I’ve learned is find something (or someone) that you can use to pick yourself back up. What do you use to keep yourself focused on your health?

xx KTV


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