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I will be doing a feature this coming month on some really rawesome vegan bloggers! I wanted to introduce this piece as way for others to understand why people choose the vegan lifestyle and how you can benefit from it. I’ve interviewed vegan bloggers from all around the world too to show that you don’t have to live in one specific country to make healthy choices and live a plant based lifestyle.



When I struggled with the decision to try veganism for my health I initially got a lot of negative feedback from friends and family, mainly worried I wouldn’t get enough nutrients, protein and vitamins and I would basically wither away.. I let those opinions stop me for a while. I slowly transitioned off meat, became vegetarian and continued to consume dairy products and eggs. I still felt horrible, bloated and uncomfortable after almost every meal. I had an alergy test done a while back by a naturopath but thought it was too easy for her to determine these alergies, so I stuffed the results in the back of a drawer at home and continued on. As I continued to consume dairy (everyday) my symptoms never got any better, I think I was trying to convince myself as much as possible that dairy wasn’t the issue. Once I made that huge leap and cut out dairy and eggs I immediately felt better. No bloating, no discomfort and every meal I just felt good. I continue to feel this way after all my meals and for this reason I have remained vegan.

The bloggers I’ve interviewed all have their own stories to tell and their own decisions for going vegan, so I am very excited to be able to share this with you all in hopes that you can possibly relate to one of us. I hope to inspire everyone to at least eat more plant based foods, to be healthier, to step out of your comfort zone of processed foods, meat and dairy. We have an amazing world of food out there, get out and enjoy it.

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