5 Questions Vegans Get Asked

Ever since I used the term ‘vegan‘ to describe my diet choices I’ve received the same few questions by almost everyone! It’s funny in a way, I guess because you just figure everyone’s educated enough they really don’t need to be asking these questions.. To be honest, I don’t think the world knows enough about veganism. We live in a meat and cheese world, and as much as it sucks, sometimes Vegans have to remember that too. We have to educate others on our decisions and make sure we are really informed ourselves.


Here’s a list of the top 5 questions I got asked when I said I was vegan:

1. Where will you get your protein?
I love this question because to most of the world if you don’t eat meat you will wither away because there just can’t be any other source of protein. But there is – Beans and legumes are high on the list for plant protein as well as hemp, chia, broccoli, spinach. And then there’s a new popular green superfood called Spirulina. Of course there’s also vegan protein powders which come from soy, rice or hemp to name a few. There are in fact lots of meat free protein sources that can nourish the body, you just have to look for it.

2. Where will you get your calcium?
This is my second favorite question because like meat, the world thinks the absolute only source for calcium is in milk (and dairy). There are actually an incredible variety of vegetables that offer calcium as well as vitamin K which is just as important for bone health! Among the top contenders are spinach, kale, chard, broccoli and almonds. Homemade almond milk anyone?

3. Are you trying to lose weight?
I just hate this question actually, as girls we are stereo typed into a body image obsession so when a choice is made to better our health it can so easily be taken as one to damage it instead. While being vegan you do cut back on two of the most fatty foods there is, but there are still very very unhealthy vegan foods out there. This is where I feel my choice to be vegan is so much more than that. It’s not just about not eating meat and dairy, it’s about eating to nourish my body, enjoying whole plant based foods, caring about what I put into my body – it’s a much more health conscious decision.

4. What exactly can you eat?
Plants. I’m a rabbit.
Haha.. That’s initially how I described my diet to my close friends when I told them I was trying this out to help heal my body. I see it as so much more now! I eat whole foods – 1 ingredient foods, of course lots of plants – veggies and fruits, juices and smoothies but I also incorporate beans, grains, legumes, starches (potatoes) a variety of nuts, oats and seeds. I get to enjoy the good stuff like chocolate and sweets just far healthier versions!

5. Can you eat this (food/ingredient name)?
This question I feel is asked out of genuine concern when a friend or family member invites me over for dinner because they don’t want to add anything I wont be able to eat to the menu. And really that’s all anyone is looking for when they ask that question, it’s them trying to understand veganism so I openly answer this question without any criticism.

So! There you have it, the questions most vegans get asked on a regular basis! If your vegan you understand, if your not – now you do! 😉

xx HBL


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