Review: Bunners Bake Shop | Vegan & Gluten-Free


I’ve been meaning to write this review for sometime now. Bunners is one of my favourite bakeries ever. ever. Seriously, they have the best selection of not only vegan baked goods, but they’re also gluten free too! Win-Win. It’s my go to bakery to visit when I’m in Toronto as its centrally located in the junction area. Bunners is a relatively new bakery, open only a few years, but are flourishing with the help of a new healthy lifestyle revolution. It seems everywhere you look now people are trying to make healthier choices, instead of getting that big mac from mcdonalds they’re opting for a gourmet salad from an urban salad bar. Juice bars are poping up all across the city, and it’s exciting because when you have so many healthy choices it’s really easy to stay healthy!

Bunner’s is no exception, sure they’re a bakery, so your getting all the flour, carbs, sugars.. well actually – Bunner’s uses really high quality ingredients. Organic gluten free flour (sometimes even chickpea flour, can you say protein?!) and organic sugar. They’re menu is hand written on a large chalkboard at the front of the cash, including daily items available and crossed out when they sell out. The location itself is quite small, but it’s almost kind of home-y and not to mention smells delicious! You can see straight into the back, where all the bakers and shakers are working hard. I’ve never worked there, but from what I’ve observed it’s almost like a family environment – everyone seems to be cheerful and helpful and happy.

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Bunners also just recently released a really amazing cookbook with recipes for all their top sellers! I love it and totally make something from the book at least once a week because it’s just too good. I now know how to make some of my faves which holds me over until I can get back to the bakery for more.


Here’s a review and listing of tastey treats offered:

Creamies – a delicious and rich buttercream sandwiched between 2 decadent chewy chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate Brownie – This one is insanely delicious, moist, soft and gooey just like a regular brownie, you’d never know it was GF

Cinnamon Bun – One of their staple and most famous items – ooey gooey sticky cinnamon smothered and baked into the bun topped with deliciously creamy ‘cream cheese’ frosting


Mac & Cheese – This is my ultimate, favourite, vegan eating out dish! It’s insane how much it tastes like mac and cheese, topped with GF crust

They’ve got a huge list of cupcakes, cookies and muffins too as well as fresh bread baked daily, you just gotta make sure you get their early or you’ll miss out. You can also custom order cakes and talk to them about catering too!

Bunner’s is seriously the place to be, if you’re ever in the junction area check them out! They’ve also got a location in Kensington Market too. You will. not. be. dissapointed.  

xx HBL


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