Cleanse Launch + Worldwide Giveaway!

Ahh! You guys, I’m so over-the-moon excited about this!! I’ve finally launched my very first cleanse! So so so much work has gone into this, from recipe testing to writing, editing, proofing and finally launching the cleanse! This has been quite the work in progress but it feels really great to have completed my first ever cleanse!

balanced48hrcleanse copy

To purchase simply click on the Detox & Cleanse tab at the top of the blog and click on the purchase button! Or you can click any of the links I’ve attached in this post 😉 (don’t worry I gottcha covered). I’ve added a few quick FAQs on this cleanse below and of course the deets for the giveaway!

So what kind of cleanse is it?
I’ve created a smoothie cleanse that virtually anyone with a blender can enjoy! I truely believe our bodies work hard each and every single day to breakdown and digest the foods we eat. A Smoothie cleanse will aid the body in easier digestion, and a 48 hour cleanse is a great start for those looking to reset their digestive system and detox any of the gunk and yucky toxins we accumulate over our lifetime. Even if you eat whole foods or a plant based diet, it can still take our bodies time to break down the food.

What makes your cleanse different?
I’ve put a lot of time, effort and research into this cleanse and I’ve designed this smoothie cleanse as a way for your body to eliminate toxins and boost your energy. All the smoothies in this cleanse include natural detoxifying, antioxidant filled and anti-inflammatory fruits and veggies that will provide the most health benefits. This is not a ‘starve yourself now, binge later’ cleanse nor is it a ‘drink spicy lemonade for 48 hours’ cleanse. You should never feel dizzy, lightheaded or experience extreme digestive issues like bloating and constipation. This is also not a cleanse designed to assist you in losing 10 pounds. That’s just not healthy.

Why are you charging for your cleanse?
A lot of work went into designing this cleanse and bringing it to life. Compared to many of the juice cleanses out there that can cost you anywhere from $70-90 a day and other cleanses or even detox plans on the market can run anywhere from $100-300+ , so really this is a steal! I also wanted to make this affordable because I believe we should all have a fair chance at feeling healthy and being the most optimum, balanced and vibrant us!

How much does your cleanse cost?
This 48HR Smoothie Cleanse is only $10! Included are 22 vibrant pages filled with cleansing information, recipes, photos, nutritional info, a shopping list, do’s and don’ts and tips for a successful cleanse! You’ll also be added to an email thread with myself and anyone else doing the cleanse at the same time to ask questions and receive support and motivation!

What service are you using to sell your cleanse?
I have selected to use to sell my cleanse. They are an incredibly secure third party that does not store or share any personal information! It’s the same service used by The Balanced Blonde.

If you have any further questions or concerns drop me an email and I’ll try to respond same day!

Now! Onto the wonderful amazing giveaway!
I’ll be giving away 2 copies of my 48HR smoothie cleanse on Instagram to 2 amazing winners (contest is open worldwide!) 

Here’s the deets:

  1. Follow @HerBalancedLife on Instagram
  2. Post a photo of a smoothie (it can also be a repost from my account)
  3. Tag Me in the photo (@HerBalancedLife)
  4. Use hashtag: #BalancedCleanseGiveaway

That’s it! The contest will run until the end of February and the winner will be announced March 1st 

xx HBL


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