Loving Lately 06.03.15

Wow! This week has been a whirlwind! I finally caught a cold this winter so it really slowed me down these past two weeks. I was also invited to a pretty cool pre-launch event at the Smash Juice Bar Kitchen, which I’ll share about shortly. I’m pretty excited to share this weeks line up of loving lately’s. There are so many things to be happy for, to love and to appreciate, so it’s really fun getting to share them with you guys each week.

I cannot recall if I’ve said this already, but I. love. kombucha. It’s amazing how many people don’t know about it and it’s amazing healing powers and probiotics! It should be the drink of choice for everyone, no matter what your diet. This lovely drink is usually nice and fizzy (naturally) and is pretty tasty, plus your giving your digestive system and gut a huge boost everytime you drink it because of the amazing good bacteria and probiotics.


I wanted to share this one separately, but I have stared brewing my own Kombucha! Thanks to the amazing help from Vanessa of VAMs Culture, I’m already on my way to growing a scoby and creating my own fermented, fizzy and delicious drink! I’m going to be starting a mini-series on this so stay tuned for posts.


I’m beginning to see this incredible spice pop-up everywhere and for good reason! Turmeric is a healing spice with extremely high anti-inflammatory properties. It’s what gives curry that yellow colour. I very much enjoy adding this spice to roasted veggies, quinoa and of course all kinds of curry dishes. It also tastes fantastic in smoothies (see my Tropical Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie) and teas. I’m currently looking into making a delicious tea recipe with this spice.

Fresh turmericSource: HealingTheBody.ca

Rainbow Milk
I got so excited when I saw such vibrant colourful nut milks at GreenHouse Juice a while back, and even more excited when they tasted insanely delicious! I’ve since started working on recipes for a rainbow of colourful nut milks and can’t wait to share those with you! It’s such a great way to make your milk fun and inspiring.

GreenHouse-JuiceSource: Tamakwa.com

Vegan Donuts
Omg, I can’t believe I haven’t posted this one before. I’ve all of a sudden come to this amazing desire to create some of these delicious treats myself! so stay tuned guys!! But seriously, ever since I had my first vegan donut and the Toronto Veg Fest this past summer, I never turned back. It was from Tori’s, which can I say make a super mean vegan donut! It’s exactly like the Homer Simpson donut, but you can be sure this one won’t be cartoon or unhealthy!

I love doing giveaways and contests! It’s a small way for me to thank all of my followers and it’s really fun. I’ve been teasing everyone on IG about a big project I’m working on..that is going to include one of the biggest giveaways I’ve ever done. More of that to come soon.. for now, giveaways are fun, so you should enter any that you’re interested in! What’s the harm? maybe you don’t win… Orrrr maybe you do! You’ll never know till ya try 😉

Annnnd… now I’m off to enjoy the weekend! I’ve got to get my butt in gear for this egan Bake-off next weekend! Any weekend plans? Does anyone have any awesome vegan donut recipes?

xx HBL


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