Event Feature: 7th Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off


As most of you know I entered my first ever vegan bake off competition this month! It was really exciting and so great to meet more local vegans and indulge in delicious vegan treats! The event was hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association and was really well done. They had an amazing support of volunteers helping to ensure the event ran smoothly and to help hand out all the tasty treat plates for ticket holders.

To enter the event as a baker you had to be a Toronto Vegetarian Association Member ($25 dollar minimum donation) and there was a $5 entrance fee. You were then required to state what you planned on making and share the ingredients (for allergy purposes).


I made my Balanced Bounty Bites! These are a really delicious treat I enjoy making from time to time and really curb my sweet tooth. The great thing about them is they are 100% natural, no refined sugars, gluten-free and use all whole plant-based ingredients. I changed up the look for the Vegan Bake Off because I was required to make 100 samples!! I made them into simple little squares, a sweet coconut maple base with a layer of cacao chocolate topped with a cute little coconut shaving! They looked great in my books! When I got there I was welcomed by other competitors at my table and began placing my treats on the plate. The event began at 2:00pm, but the bakers were required to be there for 12:30pm to ensure we had enough time to set up. There were 9 categories and at least 4-5 entrants for each, on top of that there were 2 professional categories with various bakeries from across the city! Needless to say there was a never ending supply of vegan baked goodies. It was amazing.

IMG_1026 IMG_1028

The event lasted a few hours, until most of the plates were gone and everyone was left vying for the floor or a chair to sit on to recharge from the sugar overload. This was one thing that wasn’t exactly my favourite, while all the treats were vegan they weren’t necessarily healthy. I’m so much more into using food to heal the body so I have to say I’d only do an event like this at the most once a year. Overall though my experience was a positive one, I’d love to do it again next year and I now have more knowledge and background into the event to create an even better submission next year. I got interviewed by a local college news team and that was fun! and there were so many prizes!! If you come in 1st or 2nd in your category you win a lovely prize pack filled with vegan sweets, treats, books and more.




Did any of you attend? If you’re not in Toronto or Canada do you have a similar event like this in your city? What are your thoughts on vegan baking and baked goods?

xx HBL




  1. March 20, 2015 / 11:55 pm

    WOW! A vegan bake off! 🙂 That’s amazing! Congratulations for making 100 gorgeous looking samples 🙂 and well done for munching your way through so much sugar (I think I would have said I was allergic to sugar)! lol 😛 What an amazing way to get inspiration too… nothing like that around my town… county… region… 🙁

    • March 21, 2015 / 3:47 pm

      Yes it was really fun! and sorry to hear that, you should connect with other local health enthusiasts and try to start one of your own!

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