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It’s Friday!! Yay! Happy first day of spring! This is an exciting day because it’s the last day of the #SpringCleansing2015 giveaway and tomorrow Avra and I will be selecting the 3 winners to receive the most amazing prize packs ever! If you’re just finding out about this contest now, don’t fret. Simply hurry on over to IG and post your fave healthy cleansing/detox tip by the end of the day.

I absolutely love Fridays. Maybe it’s because I’m a full-time blogger and full-time office chick so that means dividing my time during the week to get both done! Friday’s mean blogger (and family and relaxation) time. I can get cooking in my kitchen and work on inspiring recipes, I can work on my green beauty product features and reviews. I can start putting together new giveaways for you guys! This year has been quite a whirlwind too since my Balanced brand is really taking off. I’m partnering with so many different organic, vegan, healthy, natural brands and companies and I’m really getting going on attending more events to spread the healthy word and network with all of you!

#SpringCleansing2015 Giveaway
I’m so so loving this! It’s been really fun getting to work with another local blogger to bring you guys some totally rad prizes and a super fun contest that helps promote a healthier lifestyle. I can’t wait to pick the winners and announce them with Avra tomorrow. You can check out the contest here and still enter before the end of today for a chance to win!


Green Beauty 
I’ve started a new section on the blog that’s all about natural, organic and green beauty. I’ve come to realize that what we eat is only a piece of the health ‘puzzle’. What we put on our skin, our hair and nails, is all very important too. Did you know our skin is the biggest organ on the body and absorbs over 80% of what we put on it. Did you also know that most of the big beauty brands out there, even if they claim to be natural, are not required by any law to put every single ingredient on the label. There’s actually no regulations on beauty products at all, so companies can put whatever they want in their products! It’s a scary thought when you think about it and can be the reason for so many illnesses. This is why I’ve ventured into this section of a healthy lifestyle. You can still enjoy lotions and scents and makeup, but just make them more natural and organic. If you’re not sure look up some of my posts (to come) of reviews on companies, checkout some other beauty bloggers or ask the company! I’ve been doing this myself recently and I’m excited to bring you guys some great interviews and product features and reviews on green beauty!


Homemade Almond Milk
There’s actually nothing like it. I don’t drink boxed/processed almond milk anymore. I used to when I switched from dairy since I thought it was the healthier alternative. Wow, was I wrong. There are so many fillers, additives and preservatives in store bought nut milks, in my opinion, it’s worse than dairy milk. Making your own almond milk is really fun, it tastes delicious and is really rewarding. I have a recipe for regular and chocolate almond milk, they’re both delicious!


Natural Deodorant
I’m just starting out with this one. It goes in line with my new green beauty section on the blog. I’ve recently received a sample of Love Fresh natural deodorant made without aluminum or toxic chemicals. They sent me the moroccan rose scent and so far I’m loving it. Of course, there’s a reviewing coming and more from Love Fresh but I’m really excited to be using something more natural.


Sandalwood Scent 
I discovered this scent from another local beauty company that I now adore! It smells like the spa. It makes me relaxed, rejuvenated and happy! Sandalwood also have regenerative properties so it’s great for your skin! If your looking for something with this scent check out Cara’s all natural products.


And that’s all! Now, hurry yourself over to IG and post your #SpringCleansing2015 tip! 

xx HBL


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