Loving Lately 27.03.15

Omg it’s friday already?! I actually can’t believe it! this week has been a crazy one. actually the past few weeks have been.. I’ve been working on expanding the blog and getting more content for my green beauty section. I went to the one of a kind show in Toronto lastnight and it was ammmmazing!! So inspiring to meet so many small business owners and creative individuals. I want to start my own business in every field possible (ha ha.. reach for the stars right?)

I’ve got some exciting loves to share with you today and I hope you really enjoy them!

I love kind, pleasant, positive people. I met so many yesterday it was really a nice breath of fresh air. Kindness can go a long way too, a smile, a hello, a wave or a few kind words. People really appreciate that kind of stuff (ok, well I do). Let’s all make today our kindest day ever (and the rest of our days, because why not?)


The Vegan Kitty
I may have mentioned this lovely lady already but I’m newly inspired to include her today since I wore one of her shirt designs lastnight to the show and got so many compliments! I absolutely love her designs and you should really check them out.


Dayna Lee Collection
I found this totally amazing chick through IG after browsing for some OOAK vendors and fell in love the moment I viewed her feed. She creates calligraphic/typographic inspiring designs. For me, it was inspiring because she’s all about empowering the girl boss and building an empire, which, let’s face it we could all use a little more of this mood boosting positive vibes in our lives. Seriously check out her shop or IG to see what I mean, or take a peek below. Her designs are to die for.


I know I said this one before but I’m giving it a bit of love again because I have another free offer for all of you! If you follow my blog via email, I’m giving away a free copy of my 48hr cleanse!! It’s really my way to say thank you for your support. So.. thanks!


Ever since I attended my very first Veg fest this past summer I’ve fallen in love with having access to hundreds of vendors all in one place. It’s really an amazing opportunity to network, meet small business owners and creative individuals and really get inspired. For a blogger is a gold mine since these events inspire our posts going forward and allows us to deliver relevent and inspiring content.

Ok, I seriously just needed to include this because I’m using the word so much. I just love it, you guys.


Au Naturale
I have to give a shout-out to my favourite organic and natural makeup company ever! These guys really came through for our #SpringCleansing2015 giveaway and sponsored some amazing prizes. Aside from that I’ve been using their makeup for months now and I really love it. It’s all lightweight and doesn’t irritate or bother my skin, not to mention it feels like my face can breath and never feels clogged or cake-y. They offer a wide variety of cosmetics from blush/bronzer to lipstick to eye shadow to foundations and concealers. If you haven’t checked them out, please do! you won’t regret it.


Annnnd that’s all she wrote guys, sending out lots of love and kindness this weekend 😉

xx HBL


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