Event Feature: Toronto One-of-a-Kind Show

I enjoyed this event so much! It was my first time at the one of a kind show, and there were so many inspiring and creative local vendors! I I was kindly gifted a ticket by the lovely Cara from Caras All Natural Products and cannot thank her enough! For creative minds it’s like winning a golden ticket and entering willy wonkas chocolate factory. You’re immediately filled with awe and wonder as soon as you enter the show followed by amazement and an instant love for all things hand crafted. It’s one of the coolest shows I’ve ever been to!

There were hundreds of vendors from across Canada, some all the way from Vancouver. I had the opportunity to chat with quite a few of the small business owners and really grew a whole new appreciation for buying local. Of course I am quite the advocate for buying local, highest on my list being produce. There’s nothing more important than supporting your local farmer, but second to that are all other local businesses! And, actually, there were some farmers there; quite a few booths were small lavender farms, goat farms and even organic seed farms.

The whole event was organized into sections like body care, candles, clothing and ceramics. I visited as many booths as I could see and found some really great treasures! I’m already waiting in anticipation of the next show! There were so many amazing vendors with one-of-a-kind creations I wanted to share the highlights and some of the items I purchased and received:

DaynaLee Collection
This lady creates the most beautiful designs available on a variety of accessories and pillow! Witty and inspiring sayings, words and phrases in the coolest hand-written style, a mix of typography and calligraphy. Dayna offers everything from prints to notebooks to coffee mugs to the most luxurious pillows with her designs on them. I picked up quite a selection there and am so happy with everything! She has a shop on Etsy, so check her out!



Cara’s All Natural Products 
I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this lovely ladies products! I recently posted my interview with Cara where she shared how she started her natural beauty line and why green and natural beauty is so important to her. She has a wonderful selection of products including creams, face wash, sugar scrubs, bath salts and even baby products. Every item is created by her with the most delicious scents and smells including rose hip and sandalwood. It gives me the sensation of being at a spa whenever I use her products.



Hands and Feet Handmade 
I have the one-of-a-kind show to thank for introducing me to this vendor! Handcrafted by Brittni, you’ll find an assortment of handbags in various textile-like high quality fabrics. She focuses on minimalistic designs that are so eye-catching and perfect for everyday use!

Inspired Soap Works 
I seriously adore these guys! They are another all natural body care brand with a variety of soaps, bath salts and hand salves and balms. Their products are all naturally scented but the great part is they’re not overwhelming! These guys have the naturally fresh scent down pat.


Love Fresh
I actually never had the chance to visit this booth.. (and I missed the entire food section *tears*) but I had the opportunity to meet Stacey and try some of her products before. I absolutely love their natural deodorant, it has the freshest most delicious smell. I’ve been really happy with it as my first natural deodorant (aluminum-free) and I’m excited to be doing a feature of natural deodorants shortly after I’ve tried a few more brands.


Apple Hill Lavender
This was a really adorable booth with an equally adorable couple! They sell lavender body care products infused with other natural scents (both english and french) and it was all so delicious! Everything they made they used themselves and you could tell how well it worked just by looking at them. I purchased one of their lavender shampoo bars and am excited to try it out!


Da-lish Cosmetics
Being the only cosmetics booth at the whole show I was pretty excited to check them out. This was actually the first time I’d heard of them but after speaking to the owner, she informed me that they are available globally and offer a wide range of cosmetics. The most exciting thing for me was definitely finding an eye liner and mascara that was a natural as possible!


Prince Edward County Lavender
I really enjoyed this booth. The owner really knew what he was talking about and was excited about every product he had to offer. There was even a short video playing showing the process of steam distilling lavender to make the natural essential oils. Probably the coolest thing I saw there was a Peppermint Hydrosol spray which is basically the oil infused water left over after the steam distilling process – they use that in this spray which can be used on your body, clothing or in your home as a natural refresher. What I liked most about the peppermint one was it’s anti-inflammatory properties and it’s ability to reduce redness making it a perfect facial spray!


Graydon Clinical Luxury
If I could pick the brand with the coolest name it would go to Graydon, which by the way is simply the name of the owner (but seriously, how cool is her name?!). Graydon really is a luxury brand that offers incredibly rich natural products but it doesn’t come with a luxury price tag. They had a variety of products that I really wanted to try, of course I had to restrain myself as you can see I already visited and got goodies from all the booths above! But some of my top contenders were their monsters spray which is simply a feel good refreshing spray but its the cutest thing because it actually says monster spray on the bottle so it’s absolutely perfect for those parents with children who are afraid of the monster under their bed! They also had the most amazing facial serum made with antioxidant berries and other natural products as well as some really great SPF sun creams which was amazing because those are one of the most important products to buy natural (we’ll get to that on another post) and lastly, the product I did leave with was their ‘mist’ spray a yummy antibacterial spray that works on just about everything including my husbands work boots which now smell.. well way better than they did before!


So I’ve just barely scratched the surface of the show with these vendor and product highlights but you can see how incredible it was and how much there was to offer! If you’re looking for some really original pieces or natural beauty products it’s a must to attend this show! It’s made it’s way to #1 for shows in Toronto this year.

Did any of you attend? What were your thoughts? If you live in a different province of country, do you have a similar show in your area? 

xx HBL


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