Green Beauty Influencer: Stacey from LoveFresh


It’s time to share another influencer in the Canadian beauty market! I’m so excited to share this interview with Stacey from Love Fresh. I stumbled across Stacey’s brand while searching for more natural beauty products and trying to find local companies that offered these kinds of items. I fell in love with Stacey’s website, brand and all of her products! The more I read the more I could see how much of a difference (and influence) she was making in the green beauty industry and so I just had to reach out to her. Stacey is a loving mother and business woman who is passionate about green beauty and offering products that are healthy for both her and her customers. I’ve be testing out some of her products recently and am very very excited to post a review shortly (her natural aluminum-free deodorant is out-of-this-world!). For now, please enjoy this interview we’ve put together to share more about Stacey and her passions and brand.

Q: Can you share briefly about how you started Love Fresh?

A: I studied aromatherapy when my son was young (just for fun) & loved what I learned about essential oils. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I tried my hand at cold process soap making. The old way of soap making is a long endeavour, but renders the best, gentle soap. Honestly, I had no idea it would blossom into what it is now.

Q: You mention this all started as a ‘kitchen chemistry experiment’ in your home, can you share with us the amount of work that went into creating your organic beauty line behind the scenes?

A: Tons and tons of learning. I read books, studied recipes online and experimented like crazy. My friends and family were well stocked with products in the beginning. I really feel like you have to ‘pay your due’s’ and dig deep in the beginning stage of starting a company. It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to get to where I am now (it may not look like it, but it does).


Q: On your site you highlight that your products are all natural and non-toxic, could you share your reasoning for not using toxic ingredients and highlight why these chemical are so bad for our bodies and skin?

A: You really don’t need to use toxic ingredients, there are natural ones that are just as effective. It all comes down to money!!! We all know that the big cosmetic companies need to account for every penny. I am a small company and have the luxury of deciding how I can make a difference in peoples health. I choose to spend more dollars to make a line of products that are healthy for you.

Q: You have a list of delicious scents on your site like pink grapefruit and tangerine, water lily and pomegranate, how do you decide what scents to use?

A: I realized very early on, I have a great sense of smell! I go with what I like!


Q: What is your most popular product?

A: It changes with the seasons!

Q: Can you share with us what you carry in your beauty bag?

A: I always have a body butter (I use it for my super dry skin in the winter, face included) and lip balm of course. I tend to keep it simple. I have been using DaLish cheek and lip stain for a few years..just gives me that pop of colour (and its a 2 in 1) easy, peasy.


Q: Are your products cruelty-free?

A: Always cruelty-free! Just tested on my crazy family 😉

Q: Do you carry this natural and organic lifestyle into your daily diet?

A: Yes for sure! I am a pescetarian and eat as much organic fruits and veggies as possible. I am a huge advocate for the Mama Earth boxes (we have been ordering for years).

Thank you so much Stacey for taking the time out of your busy schedule to share this interview with me and my readers! To check out more of Stacey’s incredible products head on over to her website and her Instagram <3 

xx HBL


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