Loving Lately 07.05.15

Here we are it’s Friday and the weekends weather is looking fine! We’re finally getting the warmth and sunshine we’ve been praying for all winter and I can’t wait to spend all my time outdoors. Friday also means my huge #GreenBeauty2015 giveaway is almost over!! You’ve got the weekend to enter for your chance to win over $400+ in green beauty products, and trust me, all of products are amazing! (of course, because I hand-picked each and every one of the sponsors!). I wanted to take todays Loving Lately post to share with you all of the wonderful brands I’ve got supporting this giveaway.


Innersense Beauty
Innersense has become one of my fave haircare companies! I’ve had the exciting priviledge of trying their Sweet Spirit Leave-In Conditioner and their amazing I Create Finish Finishing Spray which works just like hairspray but is so much better for your hair! They have all sorts of other hair care items including natural shampoos and conditioners and styling products. If you’ve never heard of them or if you’re looking for a natural haircare line, I’d start here!

Nilly + Booth
I absolutely love the natural deodorant from Nilly + Booth! I have to say it’s one of the nicest scents I’ve used yet and the texture is perfect for application under your arms. But this natural beauty line doesn’t stop there – they offer an entire body and face care line with serums, facial toners and mists, body washes, creams and soaps! Again, all ingredients are natural and all the scents are made using essential oils.

Herbivore Botanicals
My all time fave facial mist and facial oil is from Herbivore Botanicals. First – the scents are to die for, they’re so soft and subtle but very dreamy, floral and they seem to make you feel happier somehow.  The facial mist is wonderful if you just want to give your skin a boost of moisture and the facial oil has become a regular nightly routine for me. Herbivore Botanicals has a huge line of other natural beauty products too from body scrubs to creams and lotions to bath soaks and milks. I can say for certain their products are worth it!


Earthwise Beauty
Earthwise Beauty is amazing for facial care products! I absolutely love her tangerine skies facial oil (which you can win in the giveaway!) it smells like sweet citrus and it’s so soft and moisturizing. She also has some really great facial scrubs and masks which I love too. There is a molasses face mask which is just fantastic.

Joe Scrub
Coffee anyone? My goodness this scrub is divine. You may or may not know that I tried to give up coffee for the greater good of my body..and so far it’s going.. not so well. I just love the smell of coffee. Enter Joe Scrub and my cravings are satisfied. You literally get to scrub ground coffee (and other natural moisturizing ingredients) all over your body to help moisturize, detox and fight cellulite. It’s amazing and I’m obsessed.

Noer Organics
With high standards for quality, ethically sourcing natural and organic ingredients, Noer Organics is the luxury green beauty brand! I love their philosophy “we are exacting in selecting the correct concentrations of vital components, to marry together in perfect unity”. Noer cares about the quality of each and every single product which is why they are made in small batches. The line of products from Noer Organics will not disappoint.


Kani Botanicals
This is another fantastic all natural, organic beauty line. KANI is a luxurious line of holistic, high performance skincare boasting organic, wild-crafted and sustainably grown ingredients for gorgeous results. Their products including key ingredients to help the skin look it’s best! I absolutely love that each one of their products is created with sensitive skin in mind, and they are all hand-crafted in small batches to ensure quality.


Revival Body Care
If you’re looking for amazing, natural, vegan and cruelty-free body scrubs you should seriously check out Revivial Body Care! Nicole has cureated this incredible line from natural ingredients that nourish the skin. She’s created a variety of delicious flavors including one of my faves Lemon + Coconut which makes you feel like your on vacation! The scrubs can last you up to 2-3 uses which makes the pack a great value.

The Vegan Kitty
The beautiful lady behind The Vegan Kitty has been an inspiration to me. A local Canadian chasing her dreams, she’s come out with an eco-friendly cruelty-free line of accessories, lipbalm and clothing that’s both whimsical and well designed. Her lipbalm incorporates natural ingredients with none  of the toxic yuckieness found in popular lipbalms today.


Seaweed Bath Co
This lovely east coast company has incorporated the bladderwrack seaweed,  rich in essential and non-essential amino acids into their product lineup! They have a fantastic and amazing detox line that helps detox the skin and minimize the appearance of cellulite. I have to admit it works pretty well, I have their soap bar and detox cream and it’s worked wonders on my skin!




Thanks so much for tuning in beauties! And to all who’ve entered the giveaway! I absolutely love that so many of you are passionate about healthy, natural and green beauty. To check out the exact prize items click here 😉
Have a beautiful lovely afternoon!


xx HBL
**this is in no-way a sponsored/paid post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.



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