How To Eliminate Skunk Odor

  So I thought I ought to post this one since I’ve recently had to deal with such a situation, and it stinks (no pun intended, haha). Skunks are incredibly annoying creatures, I don’t see the purpose for them at all really, and I’m quite an animal lover. I actually can’t tell you how freaked out I was when I let my dog back in the house that evening and he raced to the area rug, like I’ve never seen before, ferociously rubbing his face in it. As I approached him my heart filled with worry, his mouth was foaming, eyes red and he just had this wild look in his eyes, of course the smell was a description on its own. Pungent, disgusting, overwhelming, raw, gag-worthy. Apparently he’d been sprayed in his mouth and face, so the foaming was his way of trying to get rid of the taste and his eyes were red obviously from the irritation.

I obtained a full sized bottle of skunk shampoo from the emergency vet clinic in my area as well as eye wash and eye lubricating drops. He was shampooed twice and we used half the bottle of eye wash and loads of eye drops to help him recover. Now, we had to move onto the house. To say it reeked is an understatement. If it were up to me, I would have had it condemned. Honest. It was bad. I actually ripped up the carpet and tossed it outside, personally, I wasn’t going to try shampooing that after my dog rubbed the raw skunk oil all over it.

I looked up several ways to rid the smell and found a few methods quite helpful and effective. I want to share them in the event it happens to you or (god-forbid) it happens to me again.

Here’s several effective methods, recipes and tips to get rid of skunk smell!

If it gets on your or your pet:

  • Put Gloves On. If it gets on your pet, fight the urge to comfort them, inspect them or touch them until you put gloves on! You’ll be so thankful you did.
  • Get skunk shampoo RIGHT AWAY. You need to treat the spray within the first 24 hours and the sooner the better. You can get those shampoos from any pet store and your vet clinics, including emergency clinics. Be sure to follow the instructions for the best results
  • Take a detox bath. I used my seaweed detox bath soak from The Seaweed & Bath Co which I found worked really really well.
  • Use a (naturally) scented body scrub and moisturizer to cleanse the smell out of your skin.

If the smell is in your house:

  • Toss out anything you can (and are willing to part with) that has absorbed the skunk oil. I had to toss several towels, my entire outfit I was wearing, my livingroom rug, my kitchen carpet and my dogs pillows.
  • Make a Hydrogen Peroxide mix (or purchase ‘The Mist’ from Graydon, more on that below) it is very effective in eliminating odors and is one of the most natural methods you can use.
  • Clean your floors with a vinegar and water mixture and be sure to use gloves
  • Vacuum your furniture and steam clean it. I used my clothes steamer and added a few drops of lavender essential oil.
  • Open windows and get a good air flow going, if you can turn on a fan to push out the smell.
  • Wash anything that may have the smell on it in warm/hot water (if possible) and hang dry in the sun

If the smell is in your car:

  • Get a good car cleaning spray, I used a ‘Mothers’ brand from Canadian Tire and it worked really well
  • Roll down all your windows (and open the sunroof) to get some air flow going.
  • Add an odor eliminating unit or make your own with baking soda.

‘The Mist’ Spray
Honest to goodness this spray was my saving grace. I used it everywhere in my house and it helped huge to eliminate the odor! I can’t even recommend it enough. I also loved that it was all natural, so I wasn’t afraid to over spray or have a bad reaction to the smell. I sprayed it on my couch, my clothes, my chairs, pillows, bed, everywhere and everything that had fabric was sprayed multiple times and now smells pretty neutral.


I found all of these suggestions and methods very effective and have noticed the biggest reduction in smell! Of course, if you get skunk oil anywhere, it will take several days to go away and even months in some cases, but taking immediate action is crucial to eliminating the odor faster.

Have any of you had to deal with skunk smell? What methods did you find helpful?  

xx HBL



  1. Joy Feider
    June 4, 2015 / 3:48 pm

    I, too, like Kami am storing this great post away ‘just in case’ (we often smell skunk scent near our house close to garbage pick-up days and won’t let our dog out if it’s truly strong smelling in the air!). I’m so sorry your furry child was sprayed ~ yikes, it’s an awful thing to deal with. Thanks so much for sharing your antidote methods for getting rid of the odors! I might need to put together a ‘de-skunk smell kit’ and keep it in my closet! Thanks!!!

  2. June 4, 2015 / 1:44 pm

    Thanks Kami! Hopefully you don’t have to use these tips but they were quite helpful for me 🙂

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