Summer Series: Beauty Essentials

 I’m excited to share this one as I’ve got so many natural beauty essentials that I love using in the summer (and all year round if I’m being honest). You may know that I’ve got a Natural Beauty section on the blog now where I’m sharing reviews, features, DIY recipes and fellow Beauty Bloggers to inspire a more natural beauty lifestyle. I hope these essentials help you this summer to lead a healthier happier life.

  • Graydon Sun Cream
    This is my fave sunscreen! It’s all natural, made with plant derived ingredients and absolutely no toxins, parabens or yucky ingredients. The sun protection is great at 30SPF and is really light weight and soft (so no white-nose look for you!)
  • John Masters Organics Sea Mist
    This is an amazing product! If you’ve got fine hair (like me) you”ll appreciate the natural volume it will give. Plus, if you don’t live on the west coast or near an ocean this is great to get those natural beachy waves.
  • Kombucha
    Ob.sess.ed. Seriously. This Good-For-Your-Gut drink is incredible. Want to feel light, energized, happy and never bloated? Try Kombucha.
  • Joe Scrub Coffee Scrub
    I seriously love using this scrub. It smells like coffee, so on those warmer morning when I don’t feel like a mug of gold, I scrub with it!
  • Measha’s Body Butter 
    This body butter by Cara’s All Natural Products has become my ultimate fave green/natural beauty product. It’s the one thing I seriously cannot live without anymore. The scent of this cream is to die for and it’s so tropical and beachy it’s a perfect scent for summer!
  • Kani Botanicals Lip Fix
    Lip balm is super important for me in the summer as it doesn’t get as much thought in the sun protection department as my skin does. This lipbalm is 100% natural and pure and is honestly so soft and moisturizing.

  • Graydon ‘The Putty’
    This is awesome cream! It’s good for almost anything including burns, rashes and bug bites! It helps reduce inflammation and speed healing. I love it after a long trail ride with my horse, since we tend to get bit a lot!
  • Non-Toxic Bug Spray
    It’s suprising how many people don’t realize just how toxic bug spray is – well ‘Deet’, but the major bug spray companies use deet in their products because it does deter bugs but it’s extremely toxic to humans too! I really like using natural products that are good for my body. A Canadian brand you can check out is Aurora Farms and the bug spray is called ‘Manitoba Mist’.

These are some of my favourite beauty essentials, what about you? Do you have an essential you simply can’t live without during the summer?

xx HBL


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