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I’m very very excited to start a new series and page on the blog where I’ll be sharing tips, advice and know-how from natural and holistic professionals! I hope this page helps everyone get a better understanding of certain issues and illnesses and how to cope with the naturally and effectively. While this will not be, in any way, advertised as medical advice (always consult a medical professional for advice), my purpose is to get more information and tips out there so people can make more informed decisions as to what medical professional to seek advice from.

Today we’re chatting with Amanda from Keeping Regular, she is a colon hydrotherapist and treats all kinds of patients, including those undergoing cancer treatments and chemo. She has a wealth of knowledge in her field with a background in Nutrition. I’m very excited to share her tips with you today!

The colon, our bowels, bowel movements.. they’re all topics we usually like to keep to ourselves. For some reason society has made it a no-no topic to discuss with family and friends and even an awkward conversation to have with your doctors after the age of 5 or 6. Little do we realize how important this function is and how good we can feel when our digestive system and bowels are working 100% on point! Hopefully Amanda can clarify some of those ‘secret’ questions you’ve been asking yourself! Let’s dive in and learn how Amanda started her career and what tips she has to share today:

Q: Can you share with us what you do and how you came up with the name ‘Keeping Regular’?

I am a colon hydrotherapist. Which means that I administer a treatment that uses a gentle flow of water to clean out the large intestine, this is called colonics. In addition to the colonics I also administer and teach my clients how to do coffee enemas and probiotic infusions on their own at home. Keeping regular just seemed like a natural name since the regularity of one’s bowel movements is often one of the first questions I ask my clients as well as my friends if they aren’t feeling well. Regularity is also something all parents are very concerned with when their children are very young, yet somehow it becomes a taboo topic as we get older, therefore the keeping was to remind us that it is something that should be maintained. Finally, as soon as someone says “keeping regular” our bowel movements is often the first thing that comes to mind, so it became my name.

Q: How did you get started creating your passion into the profession you have today?

Oddly enough, the large intestine as well as the rest of our digestive tract has always been something that I found fascinating. In fact, my grade 12 final biology essay and project was on the gut and its importance, and now I find myself doing this 10 years later. I really believe in the benefits of colonics and coffee enemas, it was a part of my sisters therapies when she was fighting cancer and it then became a normal procedure for the rest of my family. However, I don’t want to stop there, yes, I want to physically help people by offering this service, but I also want to educate people, which is why I plan to soon provide cooking classes and seminars on digestive health.

Q: Starting your own business can be a whirlwind and usually has some ups and downs, can you share with us what’s helped you stay focused along the way?

To be perfectly honest, this is something that I still am working on and figuring out. At the moment, I am making sure that I have a proper schedule and set aside time to work and when that time is done, I put my work aside and focus on the many other aspects of my life. Work will always be just a part of my life, I have many passions and I just try to remember that stressing about the things that I can’t change will not get them done. A good nights sleep and a healthy breakfast also always help me start each day off in a good frame of mind and ready to conquer the tasks at hand.

Q: You’re always posting great health tips on your site and on Instagram, where does your inspiration come from?

It comes from various places, it can be from a yummy healthy meal that I made that I would like to share, to interesting tips I think will motivate people to take better care of their gut, to things people have done or made that have inspired me. I have to admit, there are times when I have to post something to keep me motivated too, I may post something that I am trying out or something I know that I need to work on, so that it can keep me accountable as well.

Q: Can you share one of your favourite health tips with us?

Oh that ‘s a tough one. Its actually something that I haven’t posted yet because I can’t seem to get the right photo. My favorite tip is rebounding (bouncing on the miniature trampolines). This little form of activity is great for while you’re watching tv, it helps with getting things moving in your gut, and lymphatic system, it tones your legs and butt and it also gets you moving. Last year, I attribute bouncing on it to why I never got sick, since it keeps your lymphatic fluid moving which in turn supports your immune system and it moves the waste along your bowel, keeping your gut biome healthy too.

Q: You just recently launched a fantastic spring cleanse, can you help us appreciate and understand why it’s beneficial for someone to do a cleanse or detox?

I liken it to the same way we do a spring cleaning of our cars and homes. Throughout the winter things get dusty and stagnant in our homes, and it is similar in our bodies. We may not get dusty but we often get weighed down, and full of impurities. Also for many, the winter time is host to their big holidays with lots of indulging, both with portions and content, lots of sugars, alcohol, and meats, all things that require detoxing or lots of digesting. Over time, our liver (which is responsible for the vast majority of our detoxing) gets over worked and tired, and this leads to feeling lethargic, weight gain, brain fog, and depression. An interesting fact is that our liver filters through all of the blood in our bodies every 3-5 minutes. If everytime it filters there are too many toxins, it gets tired and stores those toxins in fat. A cleanse gives your liver a chance to catch up, and also gives your colon the opportunity to unload anything that may have been stuck in the track causing damage to the perfect biome of your intestine. I believe a cleanse every once in a while is essential to feeling like the person you truly are and want to be.

Q: What was your favourite part of developing your cleanse?

I have done many cleanses in my lifetime, and I have started a lot of cleanses too, but didn’t finish them. So in developing this cleanse it was fun thinking of all the reasons why I quit those other cleanses and figuring out a way to remove those obstacles. I asked friends, looked up recipes, walked through the grocery store and thought of the busy people that I know who want to cleanse but don’t know how or have the time. The cleanse includes a detailed grocery list, cleanse map to put on your fridge which outlines the meals for each day and has a sample journal where people can track their progress, but I didn’t leave it there, eveyone on the cleanse has the option of having contact with me throughtout it to get encouragement, reassurance or answer their questions.

Q: Can you share the importance and benefits of maintaining a healthy colon?

Not to be morbid, but I was just reading an article on the Dr Oz website that talked about how constipation can cause death and people suspect that is what killed Elvis Presley, that’s pretty serious. I hope that doesn’t happen to any of us, but even if its not on that scale, it just takes a little research to see how amazing and important the colon is. For example, many don’t know it houses up to 70% of our immune system, it produces serotonin (happy hormone) and is where all of our necessary water is absorbed into the body. I have never met a happy constipated person, so one benefit of a healthy colon is that we feel better and therefore are happier. Scientifically a healthy colon reduces the chances of developing the effects of depression. Also we are helping to assist the very important liver, and it benefits the healthy function of our entire body.

Q: We all worry about the possibility of getting sick when were on vacation, is there anything we can do to boost our immune system before we go or while we’re away? 

I like to travel as much as I can, so I actually put on my website in the “tips” section a list of products and things to take to reduce the chances of getting sick. Before going on your trip, take lots of Vitamin C, get your sleep, and stay away from sugar. While you are away, take oil of oregano, colloidal silver and Grapefruit Seed Extract, those should kill any parasites,bacteria, fungus or virus that may try to use you as a host!

Q: Food is an important part in keeping our colon and digestive system happy and healthy, what does a typical day of meals looks like for you?

I start every day with a big glass of water, I keep it by my bed at night and chug it first thing when I wake up. Most mornings I make a vegetable/fruit smoothie for breakfast, lunch is a hearty salad, or wrap or leftovers from dinner. Dinner is often lots of vegetables, either in soups, steamed, roasted or fresh with a protein, it varies quite a bit.

Q: Are there any foods we should try to incorporate into our daily diets to stay regular?

Everyone drinks water, but many don’t drink enough, so that would be my number one suggestion. Chia seeds are amazing for bulk and fiber. Also brown rice, lentils, and fresh fruits and veggies are always a necessity. If someone hasn’t gone to the toilet in a while I always say, they are only allowed, avocado, fruits, veggies and water until they go, it usually works in a matter of hours.

Q: People feel like stress plays a role in an unhappy colon, is this true? And what can we do to make it happy?

Its true it does, in fact, before the discovery of the bacteria H.Pylori doctors used to think that the only cause for a stomach ulcer was stress, now we know differently, but it definitely plays a role. Stress puts our body into fight or flight mode, no matter what the source. In this state, our blood rushed to our heart, muscles and brain and digestion is relatively turned off. To help reduce stress to keep our colon happy, start by not eating on the go, while watching tv or working, take the time to focus on the meal and CHEW!! Chewing our food makes digestion and absorption so much easier and this helps the colon stay happy and healthy. Don’t rush yourself on the toilet, take your time and don’t feel nervous or embarassed about pooing, everyone does it, and the more regular you are the happier you will be.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into the health and wellness field?

I still feel like I could use all the advice that I could get, but what comes to mind is finding the specific field you want to specialize in. There are so many avenues and aspects of health and wellness and it is difficult to do them all well, choose one, love it, live it and do it.

Thanks SO much Amanda for your time and healthful tips! If any of you still have questions for Amanda, let us know and we can share a follow up series! Also check out her site for more helpful tips and advice, and if your in the GTA area you can speak to Amanda about a colonic and all the benefits! Heck, why not give her a follow and say hello on Instagram and Twitter!

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