Loving Lately 10.07.15


Oh happy days! As I post this I am enjoying a beautiful morning at the spa with some fantastic ladies for the beginning of a bachelorette weekend (possible vlog to be posted later!). I can’t help but feel overly happy and joyful as I get to enjoy the summer, sunshine and get pampered. All very overdue and much needed!

So let’s get on with what I’ve been loving this week! I’ve got a full list and I’m excited to share

HerbivoreĀ Botanicals Facial Oil
I am obsessed with this oil. It’s so soft, so moisturizing and smells so pretty and floral. I actually enjoy using it more than face cream. They’re vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and absolutely use the highest and best natural ingredients possible. I’ve got a review of this product coming soon so I won’t spoil it too much for you but if your curious. Click here to check out more and purchase šŸ˜‰


Friends & Family
This one is so important. At least it is to me, because so many times people can take it for granted. It’s a really precious gift if you have a functional family and supportive group of friends. I feel like I’m pretty lucky with the people I have in my life and I really appreciate and cherish it.

My new camera!
Woohoo! I finally updated my SLR to a newer version, one that supports videos and has a flip out screen for vlogging so I’m pretty excited to start using it. I’m going to try to film my first vlog this weekend at the spa, so we’ll see how it goes!


Home Gardens
There is nothing better than fresh, home grown fruits and veggies from your backyard. Honestly, there isn’t. No amount of store bought organic produce can compare. I’m currently growing quite a few different vegetables and am enjoying lots of success with it! Celery, Peppers, Kale, Green Onion, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Green Beans, Eggplant & Purple Cabbage!


Ilia Lipstick
I ordered this from The Detox Market recently as I needed to get a few other things and wanted to fill my basket to score free shipping! I’ve been wanting a good natural lipstick since I threw all of my old toxic ones out and I’m really loving this one. I picked a summer color: Neon Angel – it’s very pink and so beautiful.


I am coming up with ideas left-right-and center but no videos yet. Hopefully with my new Cam I can start adding some more for you guys. I’m really enjoying and loving YouTube too because there’s so much inspiration and talent at your finger tips. I’ve subscribed to a few really awesome, funny, inspiring and fantastic channels. You can check some of them out below!

Triangl Dupes
I am currently wearing one of them at the spa today but you would never be able to tell the difference, except Triangl doesn’t sell a fuchsia pink one. Triangl is a brand of luxury swimwear, and when I say luxury I mean almost $200 CAD with shipping and customs. After watching a few lovely ladies review dupes (duplicates) online I purchased one from AliExpress. It took a while but now I have a dupe swim suit that I paid under $20 total for and it looks and feels like the real thing. I think I scored big on this one!


Dried Mango
I have been snacking on this a lot lately, it’s just so yummy!

Today I wanted to featureĀ some amazingly positive vibes my Province (Ontario)Ā has to offer. I really want to get out and explore it more, so I hope this inspires you too!

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Ā Thanks for tuning in loves and have a beautiful weekend!

xx HBL


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