Restaurant Feature: Old Mill Toronto

 This was actually my second time visiting the Old Mill Toronto for afternoon tea and I was not disappointed or let down. My first time attending afternoon tea with my Mom and Sister I didn’t realize until we got there that I probably should have advised them in advance that I was eating a mostly vegan diet and so I couldn’t enjoy any of the cakes, sweets and sandwiches they had brought in the cute 3 tiered plates. I figured I would just sit there, sipping on my tea and enjoy the conversation while my Mom and Sister enjoyed the goodies.

After a while of staring longingly at the cakes and sandwiches I started to feel a bit hungry and left out so I pulled one of the servers aside and requested a plate of fruit explaining that I was unable to enjoy the beautiful food they had brought to our table because I was vegan. They more than obliged with my request and brought me the biggest plate of fresh fruit I’d ever been served! It was delicious. To my surprise by the end of the event, they didn’t charge me a thing for the extra fruit! I cannot say enough how much that left a positive impression with me, one that I was eager to share. I tweeted and share photos on Instagram to let the world know that this place was very vegan-friendly and accommodating.

   Of course, since I had such a positive experience, it was a no brainer when my Mother-in-law was in town and wanted to go for tea with us that we chose the Old Mill Toronto again. My second experience was just a pleasant, positive and amazing as the first. This time I booked the tea and so I notified the dining room of my plant-based diet and was assured they could accommodate. We arrived at the Old Mill building which was covered in beautiful greenery, vines, and luscious flowers. The sound when you walk up is so calming and peaceful thanks to the fountains and waterfall in the gardens. We were seated in the beautiful tea garden with 1900 and what seemed like 1800 century furniture and décor. The structure of the entire place is so historic, it’s absolutely stunning!

 We all ordered our tea and in came our beautiful 3-tiered plates stacked with cakes, sweets and goodies. Then, one 3-tiered plate of vegan-friendly sandwiches made with hummus, cucumbers and tomatoes (*Update: I was unable to confirm that the bread used was 100% vegan, so when in doubt, you can ask them to not include this itemalong with another generous bowl of fruit was presented beside me! I was over the moon to try the sandwiches as I didn’t get those last time and they were fantastic.

   Afternoon tea is a long time tradition that began in England and is still somewhat of a tradition today. It is quite a fun experience to go with a bunch of girl friends or family, we even encountered what seemed to be a bridal shower on our first visit. The Old Mill will not disappoint! If you’re interested in booking check out their booking page here. The tea menu always includes a take home decorative gift box of their exclusive Centennial Tea Blend.

Talk about giving back, the staff at the Old Mill have decided to donate a portion of the 2015 proceeds from the Afternoon Tea to Women’s Habitat, a place that provides safe refuge, counselling, support and advocacy for women and their children who are fleeing domestic violence. I absolutely love when companies and businesses strive to support the community around them.

Have any of your enjoyed afternoon tea or high tea before? Please share your positive experiences with me!

xx HBL


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