Loving Lately 17.07.15


Morning Loves! I hope your week was wonderful. Mine was a mixture as the beginning of the week I was a bit ill (see post here) but through out the week I worked on a few things to help myself feel better and now, here I am! Excited to share this loving lately post as I have a lot of photos to share. These are almost all from my pinterest account (which you can follow!), I find I get a lot of my inspiration and loves for the week from pinterest. It’s such a great site. So, let’s get started!

Beautiful and Simple Cakes
Of course, I’d like for them to be vegan and gluten-free (aka Bunners!) but Cakes are just so pretty. Since it’s pretty much been wedding season for me this summer with 4 weddings almost back to back every weekend, I’ve been loving the cake and dessert tables. Of course, I stray away from any non-vegan treat but I can still look, right?!

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This Print.
Because if there’s anything I love more than cake and cupcakes, it’s donuts. And positive vibes.


Natural Stone Jewelry
I love these pieces. While I’m not so much into the spiritual side of some of these, I love the look of a beautiful stone pendant hanging from a simple necklace.

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Copper Pots
Like this one! <3


100% Pure Black Tea Mascara
I love love love this mascara. It’s a natural/green beauty product that’s pigmented using black tea and has the most delicioud fruity scent. I absolutely love it.


Everything Horses
It’s hard to believe I’ve been riding for 3 years now. I absolutely love it. It has to be one of the most natural most soothing forms of therapy. ever.

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This Photo.
Because it inspires dreams.


Positive Vibes 


      I hope you enjoyed this weeks post <3 Now, get out and enjoy the weekend!

xx HBL


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