Healthy Tip Tuesday – Healthy Cooking Oils 

 It’s so easy to get confused with the vast selection of oils at the supermarket and use the wrong one for cooking. Olive oil for example is widly used in cooking since its a seemingly versatile oil, unfortunately it’s actually a poor choice of oil to use in cooking as it easily converts to a trans fat and can be harmful for our bodies. (for more deets on trans fats check out my recent healthy tip post).

Luckily there are quite a few really great oils you can use for cooking that have high flash points and remain unchanged when used on high heat. They are also much healthier alternatives to vegetable and canola oils.

Some important tips when buying cooking oils:

  • Look for oils with a high flash/smoke point
  • Ensure the oil is good quality ie. cold-pressed, organic, virgin
  • For liquid oils buy only dark glass bottles; clear bottles allow too much light in and can affect the structure of the oil

Camelina Oil 
Camelina Oil offers the highest flash/smoke point out of pretty much all oils out there. You can reach temperatures up to 475 degrees farenheight, while maintaining the stability of the oil. It has a subtle nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes. It is also one of the best oil sources for Omega Fatty Acids (including Omega 3’s) so that’s a huge bonus!
Trusted Brands: Three Farmers


Coconut Oil
This is another great cooking oil with a high flash point. You can use it in savory dishes as well as baking! The best kind of coconut oil to buy is a virgin, unrefined and unbleached version, preferably organic as well. This is ensure the highest quality and best results when cooking. Coconut oil does have a coconut taste so if you don’t like it try some of the other oils!
Trusted Brands: Nutiva, Organika


Grapeseed Oil
I love cooking with this oil, it is one of my favorite tasteless oils that also offers a high flash/smoke point. Full of antioxidants, grape seed cooking oil can be used in dressings or for savory cooked dishes.
Trusted Brands: La Tourangelle , Maison Orphee


These are three of my favourite oils to cook with, do you use any other healthy and safe cooking oils? What brand?

xx HBL


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