Travel: Ste. Anne’s Spa Getaway Part 1 – The Spa Experience

  This day will go down as one of the best in my books. I seriously felt like I was on a mini holiday in some exotic country being pampered all day. From the moment you arrive in the rustic and rugged parking lot to your first steps in the centuries old building your in awe. Everything is so tranquil, peaceful and beautiful. The summer allows for more greenery and gardens than in the winter, but the place is breath taking all year round, really. You enter through the stone gate and to your left is a beautiful accommodations building as well as the entrance to the outdoor patio. When you peer through the archways and the seemingly old and rustic glass doors you feel as though you could walk right into the rolling hills of Tuscany. It offers the most insane old world charm with a new world vibe that just can’t be beat.    The reception and main building are straight ahead where you are greeted by more than accommodating and pleasant staff. After you fill out the minimal paperwork your gifted with a Ste. Anne’s Spa bag filled with your itinerary and robe for the day. Now, itinerary to some may make it feel un-relaxed, rest assured it is simply a guide so they can help you make the most out of your stay. Since a day trip to the spa includes a spa allowance, the package you book is noted on the intinerary along with the time and the staff member who will be assisting you. I must say they are fantastically organized. There is honestly so much to do here you can easily spend the entire day relaxing and enjoying the weather, sights and food Ste. Anne’s has to offer. A few of my favourites from the day were:

  • The Hot/Cold Pools
  • My Relaxation and Deep Tissue Massage
  • The Gardens
  • Eating Lunch and Afternoon Tea on the Terrace

Here’s a quick view of the grounds and area’s we visited during our stay! Our day started off with with a a complimentary tour to ensure you know where all the spa services are and where to eat and relax. Shortly afterwards we ventured into the dip hot-cold pool area to enjoy some relaxation. There are 3 pools, 2 cool pools and 1 hot tub and all are equally refreshing. It is suggested to start with the coldest pool for a few seconds, submersing your entire body and then jumping into the hot tub followed by a brief ‘swim’ in the cool pool and returning to the hot tub again. These kinds of pools are great for relaxation and really get the blood flowing and help to release sore and tense muscles.    Some other spa services you can use through out the day are: Eucalyptus Steam Room Just a few steps back inside from the pool area where you can enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating steam to help clear out toxins and even your sinus’. This is a great room to use if you’re feeling congested or stuffed up. Dry Cedar Sauna Found in the womans locker room along with a colour therapy hot tub, steam room, showers, washrooms and lockers. Outdoor Fresh Water Pool This Olympic sized pool can be found in the backyard behind the gardens, there are plenty of lounge chairs around to soak in the sunshine along with a washroom/shower & changeroom area. Fitness Facility You can even workout during your stay! Lounge Areas & Quiet Rooms These rooms are filled with comfy couches and chairs, fireplaces and 1800-1900th century décor. There are complimentary refreshments available including lemon-cucumber water, coffee, tea and their homemade granola (not vegan as it has butter, but I was told it’s very good). Walking Trails and Stables While I was unable to visit or utlize these options during my stay, they are available and highly recommended by the staff. Between the hours lounging by the outdoor pool and the multiple visit to the cold & hot pools along with the delicious food and amazing scenery we spent over 12 hours at this beloved place. This was by far one of the best spa experiences I have enjoyed in my lifetime. Ste. Anne’s leaves much to be desired and a trip back again soon is a must! Here are a few tips to take note of for your stay!

  • Bring a swimsuit and comfortable, non-slip shoes/sandals
  • Get to the Cold/Hot pools early as they tend to fill up during mid-day
  • If you’d like to sit on the outdoor patio for lunch or afternoon tea, you cannot reserve in advance. Your best option is to arrive a few minutes earlier than your scheduled meal time and request an outdoor spot
  • If you have an allergies or dietary restrictions, try to inform the kitchen and spa in advance; it makes things a lot easier for the both of you!

Have you been to Ste. Anne’s Spa? How was your experience?

xx HBL


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