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Wow is this summer ever flying by! We’ve been busy with so much and so much more is on the go! I can’t wait to share more exciting news with all of you, but first – finalizing everything. Today I’m really happy to share this loving lately post. I’ve got a vacation coming up and I’m getting rather antsy, so I’ve included a lot of travel related loves that I’ve been using to plan and book my trip as well as for inspiration of places to visit. I hope you all enjoy!

It’s kind of pronounced Air B n’ B – Like a bed and breakfast, but breakfast isn’t always included. It’s actually a really cool site that everyday people can list rooms, homes and apartments for rent at quite a reasonable price. We’ve booked a few places with them now and I have to say I’m really happy with how easy it was to use the site, how trustworthy it is, how easy it is to communicate with the homeowner and that the entire transaction can be done online. If you’re looking for an affordable place to stay, I’d recommend Airbnb.


I think I’ve mentioned this one before but because I’m just in awe of them I wanted to share a few photos 😉


Trip Advisor
I absolutely love Trip Advisor – to be honest I don’t know how anyone plans their trip without it. There are always current reviews on everything, photos of places, tours, hotels so you can really get an idea of where you’ll be going. It’s also a really great place to find good restaurants!

I recently posted about my visit to Ste. Anne’s Spa and it really was out-of-this-world amazing! I really enjoy spas and relaxing so this was a perfect little slice of heaven.



Cottage Life
I miss this. I used to go to my family’s cottage all the time in the summer, and now it seems like a distant memory. There are so many beautiful lakes in Ontario, if you’ve never been you should get out and explore them!


It’s peach season in Ontario ya’ll and I’m excited!



Chocolate Cups
I crave chocolate from time to time – but when I eat it I want it to be good quality and dairy free. I have the most delicious recipe for chocolate almond butter cups that will give Reese a run for their money!


Soaking In Inspiring Scenery
Like this:


Positive Vibes

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Thanks for stopping by loves, enjoy the weekend!

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