Loving Lately 14.08.15


Is it Friday? I swear I blinked and it went from Monday to today.. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my vacation and these posts really help me boost my excitement as I share things that relate to it. I’ve actually got a nice variety this time some travel, some fitness, some beauty and more! I hope you enjoy 🙂

Don’t worry I didn’t change my brand or name, I actually started a new account on IG to highlight my travels around the world and back. I’ll also be including local Canadian and Ontario tidbits and mini-trips. It’s just a way for me to share more of my adventures with you guys without overloading my main account. So, go ahead, check it out! Give me a follow to stay up to date with my Iceland and Germany adventures coming soon!!

Road Trippin’
Because we’re renting cars in Iceland and Germany and I want my outfits to be this cool.


One Love Organics Dry Shampoo
I can’t recall if I’ve loved this recently or not but either way it deserves a shout out for the best most natural dry shampoo ever. I really love using this inbetween washes and can’t wait to take it with me for between flight freshen-ups!


Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide
I love this girl. You may have seen the millions of people using the #BBG hashtag on IG.. which is all thanks to Kayla! I follow her for fitness inspiration but I recently signed up for her free 7 day BBG trial where I got a complete PDF guide to help me get started and used to her workouts. I have to say it’s actually amazing and so far I can’t even finish one to the end. It’s totally kicking my butt, but I’m totally loving it.

My husband and I have made it our goal to swim laps at our Olympic sized pool in our gym for at least 20 minutes straight before our trip. I mentioned in my last Loving Lately post that we’re doing a snorkeling tour in Iceland so we want to be in top shape for that excursion. Plus, it’s really fun! And of course if you’ve got a place like this.. why wouldn’t you go swimming?!


Trip Advisor
I said this before, I’ll say it again. The most helpful trip-planning guide on the web. I’ve been using it to ask some questions about our trip, make final bookings and read reviews on some of our adventures we have planned and it’s been SO so helpful.

Sadly, strawberry season is over here in Ontario, but! I still love them. I mean, come on! How fresh do these ones look??


This is an amazing photo editing app that I use on almost all of my photos to make them look more vibrant and rich. I talked about it in my Foodie Photography post and I just love it! Even my more ‘professional’ photos taken with my SLR look better after I use this app. You can get a free version of it too so might as well try it!

Positive Mind

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Thanks for reading guys, have a wonderful weekend! I’ll be preppin’ and packing so be prepared for some Packing tips coming soon in the Travel section!

xx HBL


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