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So I’m getting uber excited for my extended vacation to Iceland and Germany! (Holla to all my European readers!). It’s been over a year since I last had a vacation so I’m really itching to get going. I really wanted to share with you what I’m packing with me in the natural beauty department, because who knows what kinds of products I’ll be able to get there and I want to make sure my skin and hair are nicely taken care of!

I’ve listed everything I’ll be taking with me (in no particular order) and since there’s a lot of products, I’ve tried to keep the descriptions brief 😉

One Love Organics Dry Shampoo
This will be a life saver during my trip! Between flights, travelling and different hotels, who know’s how often I’ll be able to wash my hair! I want to keep it as fresh as possible and this beautiful powder does the trick! It’s all natural and non-toxic so it’s safe to put on your hair and scalp.

John Masters Organics Sea Salt Spray
I am obsessed with this spray. I use it almost everyday, and for some reason with my hair type it freshens it up, lifts and boost my volume and really helps my hair between washes. I absolutely love it and it’s a total must-have for my trip!

Hello Hair Mask
I will be visiting the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland and as beautiful as it is, I’ve been warned to watch my hair. While the water is great for your skin.. it’s not so great for your hair and can leave it really dry, brittle and be pretty damaging. I plan on keeping a pack of this to rejuvenate my hair after a dip in the geothermal waters.

Innersense Organics Shampoo & Conditioner
I love this brand and am obsessed with their leave-in conditioner and hairspray so I’m excited to bring along the shampoo and conditioner to keep my locks healthy and happy!

Innersense Organics ‘I Create Finish’ Hairspray
Since I still want to style my hair, I’ll be bringing my fave hairspray ever so keep my locks looking fresh!

Graydon Clinical Luxury The Putty Cream
This cream will save my life if I get any kind of scrape, bruise, bite, rash or redness on my skin! It is the best-est cream there ever was and is out there. In the entire world. I kid you not I’ve tested it on an infected cat scratch and poison ivy, both of which were healed in days from only using this cream!

Graydon Clinical Luxury Green Cream
I want to bring an all round cream with lots of plant based ingredients. This cream is literally a salad for your skin, it has over 10 different vegetable extracts in it and is very hydrating.

Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths
I’ve been using these for about a month now and I’m obsessed. It’s the first real natural facial cloth out there, it smells amazing it is really wipes away everything to give your face a fresh clean feel. They’re so hand to have travelling too in those situations where you may not be able to do your regular night-time cleansing routine.

Graydon Clinical Luxury Sun Cream
Cause I’ll be in the sun, yeah! and it’s the best natural sunscreen out there, totally non-toxic and safe for your skin to absorb.

Herbivore Botanicals Balance Facial Toner Spray
This spray is so hydrating and refreshing. I plan on using it in my regular face washing routine but also when I need a pick-me-up like after the long flights when my skin needs more moisture.

Cara’s All Natural Products Luxury Face Cream
Is there a better face cream? Uh, no. Honest to goodness this is the best, I love it and for travelling I feel safer using a cream than an oil (which could leak and spill all over my suitcases!).

Coconut Oil
I love using this to wipe away eye makeup. It does an amazing job and makes my skin feel really soft and hydrated. The brand doesn’t really matter, just try to get an organic, unrefined, natural one that’s small enough for travelling!

There you have it loves, all my natural beauty goodies making the trip around the world with me! I’ll be posting lots of photos over on my IG account and sharing how and when these products really came in handy so head on over and give me a follow would ya? 😉

Do you have any natural beauty products you just can’t travel without?

xx HBL


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