Travel: Packing For Europe – Natural Remedies

I really wanted to share another section of my packing with you guys as I feel this one is probably the most important! As Amanda from Keeping Regular mentioned in her Ask A Professional post it’s important for us to build up our immune systems and defenses before we go on vacation. She shared some really great tips like take lots of natural vitamin C, get lots of sleep and stay away from sugar!

I wanted to expand on that and share with all of you how I plan on staying happy and healthy during my time in Iceland and Germany!

In no particular order here’s a list of some natural remedies I’ll be packing:

Oil of Oregano
This is one of the most potent natural remedies you can use! It’s extremely anti-bacterial and anti-viral and comes in handy when you’re feeling a little sluggish, down and trying to fight off a cold. I plan on keeping this as a backup in case I catch anything on the plane or while I’m away!

Curcumin Tablets
These are my ultimate life savers. With my endometriosis causing lots of inflammation, curcumin (the potent anti-inflammatory component in Turmeric) is the one thing that helps me manage and deal with these flare ups. I’ve found them to be really great, all-round, feel better tablets too and take them everyday to give my body a boost! (**The brand I’ve linked to is the one I actually use, I get it from my Naturopathic Doctor).

Chlorella & Spirulina
These super-greens are amazing to add a boost of all the important and vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Spirulina also offers a nice boost of plant-based protein and Chlorella is great for detoxing. I take both of these daily to ensure my body runs optimally.

Ginger & Peppermint Herbal Tea 
In the event of an upset stomach or digestive discomfort I always love to have these 2 potent herbs to make me feel better. Combined they have the power to soothe, relax and calm the body, digestive system and stomach to help you feel better. If I feel even a bit queezy, this will do the trick!

Living Libations Immune Illume
I am very very excited to bring this with me! I purchased this recently too and am keeping it in my back pocket for any potential ouchies, boo-boos or colds we may encounter. As you can tell from the name it’s an immune booster and healing agent filled with all kinds of natural healing herbs and essential oils.

Badger Sleep Balm 
I haven’t tried this yet but it sounds promising and I’ll try anything that helps calm, relax and even put me to sleep when I’m anxious! This balm is made with lavender and bergamot, both incredibly relaxing herbs and has no nasties, just all natural good for your body ingredient that should help keep me happy and healthy!

Natural Calm
I actually purchased this after viewing Mckel’s snapchat post (from Nutrition Stripped). She mentioned that she always takes it with her on her travels as the magnesium is great for calming the nerves and helping you feel more relaxed. I purchased a few trial packs which will be easier for my to transport but you can also bring along the big tub if you feel like you’ll need it!

Vega Electrolyte Hydrator
This powder is made with all the essential electrolytes your body needs to stay hydrated. I find electrolyte drinks especially help me when I have low blood pressure so these will be great. Plus they’re only sweetened a bit with natural stevia and no other sugars so there’s no weird stuff or sugar crash later.

Now you know about all the goodies I’ll be bringing with me to keep my hair and skin beautiful, my appetite satisfied and my body happy and healthy!

Stay tuned for more travel posts to come.

What remedies do you like to travel with? What does it help with? Have you tried any of the remedies I mentioned above?

xx HBL

*As always, I’m not a doctor. Some of these suggestions may not work for you so do your research and consult a healthcare practitioner with any concerns.


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