Loving Lately 28.08.15


Hello Europe,

I am so happy we met again, we should do this more often. I really enjoy our visits.



Ok, so I wrote a quick love letter to Europe. So what? Everyone does it. It’s my first loving lately of the week. I can’t wait to share everything with you and since I’m travelling I’ve kept it short and sweet! Well, the writing part. There’s lots of glossy photos. <3

These Sunnies
I’m not sure why as I really don’t think they’d suit me. But, I like them anyways.


Flowers in Food
I just think it’s so pretty. And they’re edible. So, why not!


Hair Goals
Gurrrrlll, this hair style. Yes. Please.


Glo (Iceland)
This is a very happening spot in Iceland. One of the best places to get plant-based, healthy meals, snacks and drinks. I absolutely love their menu and offerings.  (**I know the photo featured is a burger, I just found it on google *not mine*, but I wanted to show the colourful-ness of the food along with their ‘logo’!)


Pets in Costumes!
Oh. My. Goooooodnesssssss. <3


Positive Vibes

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Have a beautiful weekend loves <3 stay tuned for more Europe posts to come!

xx HBL


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