Loving Lately 18.09.15


Sooo… I seem to have missed a few loving late-lies during my vacation. I apologise, it was quite difficult to gain wifi where I was and I’m not gonna lie it was a bit nice to disconnect and focus more on the vacation than schedules and posting. Sometimes that nature connection and time off is such a great thing you need to put everything on pause. Well I’m back now and excited to share all of the amazing things I’ve been loving!

HelloHair Mask
This mask seriously saved my hair after my time in the Blue Lagoon! That place is absolutely beautiful, but it really does a number on your hair. They have their own haircare line in the shower/changerooms but I knew how well the HelloHair mask worked on my hair at home so I brought it for this trip too. It’s very moisturizing and you can even leave it in all night so your locks will be healthy and happy!


Glo Juice!
Ahhh I love this stuff. It was so delicious and amazing to get fresh pressed juice in Iceland. I talked about Glo in my last post and I still think it’s the ultimate place to visit for vegan-veg friendly food and for all the uber-healthy eaters. I was gifted a pack of juice during my stay there and we drank up every drop!

So, while Iceland isn’t very..floral, per-say, it’s very lush and green and flippin’ beautiful. For some reason when I look at this picture it reminds me of all the beauty Iceland is.


Vega Electrolyte Powder
Omg. This powder helped me so much! Iceland was a very busy adventure and since I have low blood pressure, having the natural electrolyte boost was really nice!


Blue Lagoon Clinic Hotel
My God. This has to be one of the most beautiful places to stay in the world. The staff are incredible and make your stay fantastic. It’s worth it to gain access to the private and far less busy lagoon open for hotel guests only.  (*stay tuned for a feature post on the hotel coming soooooooon).

Acai by TBV
I’m having serious shirt envy right now. This shirt debuted while I was on vacation and I cannot wait to get it in a few weeks once I’m back in the swing of things.


Beer Gardens
While I don’t normally enjoy or drink beer the gardens in Germany are just so beautiful it’s hard not to want to just sit there and enjoy the scenery. Of course you can usually order basically anything including other drinks and food!

Connecting with Nature
There’s nothing quite like it. Socializing and meeting new people is always a fun experience as is reminiscing and enjoying the company of long time friends and family but there’s just something a bit more different and grounding when you get to connect with nature and leave all elements of social life behind. It’s hard not to stand in awe of the natural beauty around you.

Tru Fruits Smoothie
This save my liiiiiiife in Germany! After the endless mornings of bread and deli selections it was nice to enjoy some tasty and delicious fruits and smoothies.

Positive Vibes

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