Loving Lately 24.09.15

Guys! It’s Friday and I’m excited. Today’s loving lately is really fun because I’m sharing a bit about my first ever meet and greet from last night! yay! Thank you to all of my beautiful friends, readers, followers for stopping by and making the event such a success and so much fun.

Today’s loving lately is jam-packed again as I took a few weeks off while I was on vacation (vacation posts to come sooooooon). So enjoy! and have a beautiful weekend.

Meet & Greets
So this was really fun! The first event of it’s kind for HerBalancedLife (HBL) and I loved it!! The Amazing Cara organized it with me in collaboration with a promo for her amazing green beauty products (which I seriously love)! I’m hoping we can make this more of a regular occurance and have some more fun events and meet & greets in the future. Until then.. enjoy some pics!

 Living Libations Immune Illume
These little drops saved my life at the home stretch of my vacation. I started to get a pretty itchy throat and runny nose and 2 days after taking this with some honey, I felt 100 times better. And just to put it in perspective – if I ever get a small cold I am sick for monnnnths! So this was quite the miracle. (**The only thing to note is, it’s not for everyone! my husband tried it when he started to get sick and it made it worse, turns out he has allergies and something in the drops made him feel worse.. so check the ingredients and when all else fails.. ask a professional before using!)

CSA Deliveries
Now that my farm fresh basket deliveries are coming to an end I wanted to share with you all how much I really enjoyed getting these every week. It’s the coolest thing you can sign up for (and the best for your health!). We were fortunate enough to sign up with a new CSA this year through a friend and got a really good deal on the baskets! There was always plenty of freshness to go around and we even found ourselves sharing with others when we couldn’t finish everything. The best part about it is you’re getting the most local, organic produce that’s going to deliver in the taste and flavor department. All the fresh fruits and veggies you can dream of! If you’re interested you can check out my post on CSA’s and why they’re awesome!

Omg.. This Little Guy!
I don’t even know if he’s real.. but sooo cute!!


Raspberry Tea
So I recently discovered that Rasberry Tea has extremely positive benefits for those suffering with Endometriosis! It’s supposed to help with the pains and cramping so I’ve been trying it out daily for the past week. I can’t say yet that I’ve noticed any specific benefits but perhaps I have to take it for a bit longer. Regardless, I’m excited that I’ve found another natural remedy to deal with my illness. *small victories right?!*

Board & Bark Designs
My Brother-in-law started up a new venture that I was happy to assist with – Board & Bark Designs – custom made real wood designs! I started up their social media accounts to get them going and am really loving how beautiful the pieces are! You can check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

German Architecture
I absolutely loved walking the old streets of Germany with cobble stone roads, beautiful buildings and window florals everywhere. It’s just so different from Canada, which is beautiful in it’s own way but really lacks the history that Europe is famous for.

   Florals and Flowers
There’s something about them. Get’s me every time.


Blogger: Random Acts of Pastel
So I started trying to incorporate a blogger spotlight in these posts each week..buuut forgot last week! But! I’m trying again and introducing the beautiful blog called ‘Random Acts of Pastel‘ – I don’t know the girl who runs it personally, I just know she’s based out of Toronto and her IG feed is just beautiful. It’s very positive and upbuilding with light, bright and of course pastel colours. You should seriously check her out!

Positive Vibes


Thanks for stopping by loves, until next time!

xx HBL


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