Loving Lately 02.10.15

And for me, it’s officially Fall.

I always feel like September is the month leading up to fall (especially this year as we’ve had such great summer weather all month!) and then October is when Fall really begins. It’s the month of changing leaves and more autumn colours. It’s just a beautiful season! So I’m excited to share all the loves I have coming up for Fall.

Colourful Trees
I absolutely love when the leaves change colours on the trees around here. I have to say we’re pretty lucky to live in such a beautiful province in Canada, the North of Ontario is just absolutely stunning in the fall with all the lakes and abundance of trees and greenery. My Husband and I try to travel up there at least once every fall to enjoy the gorgeous scenery.


Raw Desserts
I’m not entirely sure why, but I’m loving making and eating raw desserts lately. Since changing my diet, I’ve incorporated a lot more fruits, veggies and nuts – which are all perfect ingredients in raw recipes. I have an absolute fave: Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream Cake, which also happens to be one of my most popular recipes!


I. Love. Layers. It’s my absolute favourite time of the year for style. Pants, Boots, Shirts, Sweaters, Scarves, Fall Jackets, Hats. The combinations and choices of clothing are endless.


Kaia Naturals Bamboo Facial Cloths
These cloths are just the best to take with you when travelling. I loved having them on hand when I didn’t have time to freshen up at the airports and in-between flights. They smell amazing and are all natural too! Plus, they even offer them in individual packages so it’s even easier to travel with.


Ahhh! I’m loving this show so much recently! We just started watching it on Netflix and can’t get enough. Already on Season 2 – so no spoilers!


Blogger: My Pale Skin
I’m kind of obsessed with Em from My Pale Skin. I recently shared a post with you guys encouraging all of us to be more kind, to others and ourselves, a message Em has been working on for quite some time. She shares lots of makeup tutorials on Youtube which I love watching for inspiration, plus she’s very whitty and funny, so her videos are quite entertaining. She’s also on Snapchat (which I love ((and I’m also on (((Add meee: BalancedKate))). You should seriously check her out.


Positive Vibes

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Thanks for tuning in loves!

xx HBL


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