Winter Skin Care

Ok, ok I know.. I said the word and it’s not even close to being ‘that time of year’ yet but… I wanted to help everyone (myself included) be prepared for the cooler weather to come and since I’m only posting Healthy Tip’s once a month now (at least for now) I wanted to get this one in before the cold really gets here!

Unlike our favoured season: Summer where the air is refreshing and full of moisture, Fall and Winter  tend to be a lot more dry. As the temperature begins to drop and the air gets cooler it can be harmful to the skin. Here are some practical tips to prepare your skin for winter and maintain it’s natural moisture and oils.

Take a Warm Shower – While you may be tempted to turn the heat up and take a hot shower it can have a drying effect on your skin. Taking a warm shower will help keep some of your natural oils in your skin.

Apply Moisturizers, Liberally – It’s a good idea to focus on the dryer areas of your skin including hands, elbows, knees and heels of your feet. Of course using a toxin-free natural moisturizer is always a good idea. Coconut oil and almond oil are great and don’t usually cost too much.


Try a Humidifier – If your home is not equipped with a humidifier you may want to try purchasing a personal sized one that fits it your livingroom or bedroom. The units tend to add moisture to the air and can be beneficial for your skin during the dry winter months.

Get a Natural Lip Balm  – Applying lip balms and lip chaps to your lips every so often can help them maintain and keep their moisture. There are lots of natural, non-toxic brands out there now! I love purchasing from Jule’s Wellness.

Drink More Water – We’ve all heard this, especially as kids when we’d reach for that can of soda pop or glass of juice. Water is the most hydrating ‘beverage’ we can drink and can do wonders for keeping our skin soft and young looking.

Following these simple tips throughout the winter months can help keep your skin from the chapping, cracking, and irritation that a harsh winter weather, dry air and wind, can cause.

How do you stay hydrated in the winter? Have you tried any of these tips in past winters?

xx HBL


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