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I’ve been using Cara’s products for months now and I’ve been dying to post my feature on them as I seriously love love love them! Cara was so sweet and kind to send me her sandlewood dry facewash, luxury face cream, sugar scrub, chocolate macaroon lipbalm and her delicious meashas body butter (some of which I’ve already repurchased!!). I m so excited to share my thoughts on all of these amazing luxurious spa like products that are all natural, green and clean!

As you may know I’ve expanded this blog to include a green beauty section as I feel it’s so important to raise awareness that what we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them. Our skin is a major organ and absorbs crazy amounts of everything we put on it, including lotions, oils, potions, scents and more. What’s even crazier is that there are no regulations on these beauty products most of us are using, so this means companies are allowed to put whatever they want in their products including toxic chemicals and substances that increase our risks of illnesses including the big one: cancer and they don’t even have to label some of the ingredients they use. Natural beauty products are really on the rise and I’m so happy and excited to see so many more people taking a stand and buying or even selling natural, pure and even organic products because they care! Cara is one of these amazing people. She’s created an entire line of green and natural beauty products that will love our skin and treat it with utmost care.


A few reasons why I love Cara’s All Natural Products:

  1. They are all natural, no nasties or toxic ingredients
  2. The ingredients all score a 0 (zero) on EWG’s Skip Deep Database which means they are 100% clean
  3. The smell of sandalwood is so relaxing and calming
  4. Everything is handmade in small batches to ensure top quality!
  5. I love supporting local Canadian brands and companies

So now that we’ve covered the awesome reasons why Cara’s All Natural Products are so great let’s take a look at them individually in more detail.

Sandalwood Dry Face Wash
This is the softest yet most cleansing face wash I’ve ever used! My first thoughts were that it would be a bit abrasive as I’ve never really used this kind of dry facewash before and my skin is usually pretty sensitive to a lot of ‘grainy’ ingredients, but it’s actually so gentle and soothing you can use it twice a day (morning and evening). It’s left my skin feeling so soft and glowing and I even notice it feels a bit more firm after every use! The main ingredients are colloidal oatmeal and sandalwood and it’s smells like your at the spa (I’m obsessed). You can actually use it as a face wash or a face mask, either way it works amazing!

Cara’s Notes: My Luxury Dry Face Wash is created with a foundation of colloidal oatmeal and sandalwood powder. The ingredients are 100% all natural. Although it deep-cleans pores, it’s non-abrasive and works to sooth skin and restore it’s natural beauty. It’s so gentle it can be used twice a day.

Measha’s Body Butter
OMG. Stop what your doing. Go buy this cream right now. Honestly though, I’ve had the pleasure of sampling and testing a variety of body butters and creams recently and this is the one I allllllways turn to. The smell is so spa like, it’s like your in a dream, on a deserted island with bounteous coconut trees, the ocean waves softly hitting shore, the warmth of the sun is just so inviting and warm, yea, exactly like that. The texture of this body butter is so rich and creamy too and it lathers on quite nicely. I must say it keeps my skin soft and smooth for days too. The main ingredient is mango butter which is more readily absorbable than other natural body butters.

Cara’s Notes: This luxurious body butter was created specifically for operatic/jazz sensation Measha Brueggergosman using some of her favourite essential oils. It’s designed to lift your spirits and leave your skin feeling wonderful. The base is a rich mango butter, which is full of antioxidants. Coconut oil plays an important part, as it locks moisture into the skin without ever clogging pores. It’s also full of proteins that help repair skin and keep it looking great. The beautiful scent comes from a special blend of sandalwood and patchouli essential oils.

Sugar Scrub
This is also one of my faves! Caras sugar scrub is loaded with not only sugar, which is a great exfoliator, but nourishing natural oils and a beautiful minty scent to wake you up and leave you feeling refreshed. I almost don’t need to use body butters/creams after because my skin is so soft and hydrated. I actually love how soft it’s made my skin, I had pretty rough dry patches on my arms from what I’m guessing is a lack of moisture over the years and now I can’t even feel them! My skin is all smooth and soft now.

 Cara’s Notes: It’s the only skin you have, so it’s important to treat it right. My sugar scrub is a powerful yet gentle way to help your skin look it’s best. One of the key elements to glowing, beautiful skin is exfoliation, the process of shedding old skin cells so that new ones can emerge. Exfoliation is also a great way to cleanse clogged pores and improve circulation.

Luxury Face Cream
I actually never thought I’d find a natural face cream my skin would love so much. My face is quite sensitive to lotions, fragrances, washes – of course that’s because all I was using before were unnatural toxic products.. This cream will have your face feeling soft and looking dewy and refreshed. I use it everyday now, morning and/or night, only a tiny pea sized amount is needed so it will last you quite some time too!

Cara’s Notes: This cream is a sumptuous blend of 100% sandalwood essential oil and peach kernel oil that come together to create a cream that is smooth as silk. Sandalwood is multifunctional and rich in vitamins that are incredibly beneficial to your skin. It’s naturally regenerative qualities allow it to soothe sensitive, dry and inflamed skin. This cream is a key component to having great looking skin at any age.

Natural Lip Balm
This lip balm is the bomb! It’s so soft and moisturizing, I only need to use it once a day (if that). It was great for those cold winter days when the moisture was virtually non-existent! Cara uses avocado oil and shea butter as the main ingredients, both of which are nourishing, moisturizing and natural. I love using this lip balm as a ‘gloss’ when I’m heading out and don’t feel like wearing natural lipstick.

Cara’s Notes: Great in all weather, but especially the winter months, my all natural lipbalm is made from pure avocado oil and shea butter. It’s rich in vitamins and beta-carotene and designed to leave your lips looking and feeling great.

There you have it, all the products I’ve tried and seriously love from Cara’s collection. If I didn’t convince you to go try it for yourself, check out her website and I’m sure after you read all the information she shares you’ll want to try everything!

Until next time, Stay Balanced!

xx HBL


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