Loving Lately 13.11.15


Happy Friday Loves!

I can’t tell you how great this week has been! There’s a lot of things coming your way in the next few weeks and I cannnnnnttttt wait to share!! For now, we’ve got some exciting and awesome loves for the week. Let’s take a look!

Poncho Scarves
So I think I kind of touched on this on a previous Loving Lately post, but when I was in Germany a few weeks ago these were everywhere!! The style has found it’s way to Canada and now these poncho/scarf wraps are in every store… and I’m obsessed. I’ve got like 4 now and I can’t stop buying more! They’re actually great for fall/winter as they can act like a sweater/blanket/scarf all in one!


Because… I just love them.


Guys, It’s an obsession I’m not proud of but one I can’t break. Even though I got my beautiful French press (which I bought from starbucks….) Grande Americano – black, please. That’s me.
**BTW how beautiful is this rose gold tumbler <3


This Adorable Photo
Because I want to be the girl holding the balloons.


WholeFoods Juice
I’ve been snapping about this all week! I’m obsessed with the juices from WholeFoods as they’re completely raw and unpasteurized. I absolutely love it. There’s not a single supermarket in my area that offers unpasteurized anything.. so when my Husband and I treat ourselves to a WholeFood trip we always stock up on juices for the week to enjoy!


Little Puppies!
Oh Mah Gaaaaashhhh.


Blogger: Justine Celine
So, I’ve really gotten into fashion blogging recently.. I mean not so much on this blog but reading other fashion blogs. When I came across Justine’s beautiful IG feed I just had to give her a follow and I seriously love her posts. A fellow Canadian, in one of my favourite provinces, Alberta – Justine blogs about everything from fashion to lifestyle and shares some beautiful places to travel within our gorgeous country.  Check out her blog and give her pretty IG a follow 😉

Positive Vibes

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There you have it, loves. Until next time.. stay balanced!

xx HBL

**As always, my photos were sourced from Pinterest (unless otherwise stated) 😉


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