Ste. Anne’s Spa Getaway: An Overnight Experience in the Farmhouse Cottage

Ok, but seriously. This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. I mean, what a beautiful spot. Situated in the quaint rolling hills of Grafton, Ontario Ste. Anne’s Spa is the ultimate retreat. But you ladies know this already, I boasted about the incredible spa back in the summer. So what made this experience just that much better? I’m gonna share that with you now!

Firstly, staying in any of their incredible selections of overnight accommodations is now a must. It increases your feelings of tranquility, relaxation and happiness knowing your not packing up and driving home at the end of a luxurious day of pampering by the spa staff and facilities. The relaxation and fun continues right into the next day. And can we just talk about the stunning accommodations for a second?! We booked a night in the farm house with the attached annex room, one of their off site luxury accommodations that can easily fit 6-8 people! Housed with a full kitchen, coffee & tea bar, 4 luxurious washrooms ( all with in floor heating I might add) all uniquely designed, 4 large bedrooms with queen/king beds and luxurious linens, a cozy living area and a private hot tub! My goodness.. Just typing this out is getting me excited to book my next visit. It’s seriously that spectacular.


  Ok so, of course it wasn’t just the accommodations that set this experience on a whole new level we were also each graciously treated to complimentary 1 hour facials, a wellness class AND a private chef dinner by the incredibly kind and generous staff at Ste. Anne’s (To which I am forever grateful) on top of the included spa services from our booking.

As we booked the November special, the eucalyptus body wrap was included (with the option to change for another service if you wanted a massage or other body treatment instead). As I’d never had a body wrap before I left my booking as is and am quite glad I did! I’m normally quite an anxious and panicky person and don’t like having my legs, arms or hands restrained for any period of time, I initially thought I wouldn’t make it through the entire treatment. Fortunately I was assigned to a very professional, calm and relaxed staff member named Robert who explained the entire process of the treatment and allowed for a tranquil experience. 

The body wrap is essentially a 2 step process – 1st you’re invited to enter the steam room for 10 minutes to allow for your pores to open enough to absorb the treatment. Your therapist will arrive at the steamroom after 10 minutes and guide you to  the second part of your treatment, into a room where you will initially be wrapped in a warmed towel then lay on a raised massage bed and relax as they cover the rest of your legs, feet and arms with more warmed towels followed by a wrapping of a plastic sheet to keep the moisture and warmth in. (**If your clausterphobic, afraid at all of confined spaces or have any kind of blood pressure of heart issues, I don’t think this body treat is for you). The therapist will then place a cold damp cloth around the top of your chest area to keep you cool(er) and begin an invigorated head massage followed by a wonderful foot massage all for about 30-45 minutes as you remain cocooned and warmly wrapped. At the end they unwrap the plastic, remove a few layers of towels and leave the room for you to finish getting ready. It was a lovely experience as I very much enjoy being warm, like extremely warm, however I’d say it’s not one of my favourite treatments as I did panic a tiny bit thinking about how restricted my arms were. Overall though, enjoyable.


Some of the benefits of a body wrap are:

  • Boosts your immune system
  • Detoxification through the skin
  • Stress relief
  • Soothing tension relief through massage

After the treatment we all retired to the Farm House to enjoy some bubbly, hot tubbing and a private chef dinner! (I’ll be sharing that experience in my next post, so stay tuned! You’re gonna want to read it!). The following morning we awoke and casually got ourselves ready for the next day of treatments and breakfast which was located in the dining room of the main inn.

 Breakfast is lovely with an entrée selection by menu and an additional buffet option with cereals, juices, fruits and pastries. I ordered the gluten free eggs Benedict with avocado hollindaise sauce and gobbled it up along with everything else. Our server, Jade was incredibly friendly and helpful, which made the experience even better. Don’t you find even when the food is fantastic, if the service isn’t good you don’t enjoy the experience? But when the service is just as good as the food it’s like the ultimate experience ever! Thanks to Jade, we had the ultimate experience.

Moving on we received our complimentary signature facials, which was just a treat. Personally, I’ve never had a facial before so I had no idea what to expect, but this was just so relaxing and amazing. An almost full body massage, 2 facial masks, lots of moisturizing and non-toxic facial serums and creams you leave feeling very rejuvenated and glowing. Like, literally glowing. We all arrived back at one of the seating areas and noticed the glow on all of our faces. If you can book this option during your stay, I’d highly recommend it. They use a variety of their own label skincare products which are green and non-toxic as well as the green beauty brand consonant. (Unfortunately I didn’t have the capability to photograph my facial so the photo below is an example of the experience from Ste. Anne’s professional photostock).

Some of the benefits of their facial are:

  • Deep cleansing of the skin
  • Relaxed, calms and soothes tired and stressed skin
  • Hydrating for the skin

After our facials we moved onto our complimentary wellness class of stretching with Jen who was very helpful, kind and supportive! We all very much enjoyed the class and learned rather quickly how immobile we all were. I’m now eagerly searching for a yoga/stretch class to improve my mobility and movement! The wellness was really fun and for only $10 extra per person on your stay, it’s definitely worth it, plus there are a variety of class options to suit everyone.

After the wellness class we were seated for lunch, our last meal of the day with our favorite serve Jade. Again, she made the experience the ultimate by accommodating to our needs and even sneaking me in a few macaroons which are usually only served with afternoon tea! (Thanks Jade!). The meals at Ste. Anne’s are nothing short of generous and delicious. You can always guarantee to be well fed with quality foods and ingredients.

Vegan white bean chili & my absolute fave raspberry macaroons.

Here’s what you traditionally get with an overnight booking:

  • Overnight accommodations with turndown service
  • Afternoon tea on arrival day
  • Dinner
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Access to the entire facility
  • A $90-120 spa credit to be used on treatments (depending on the package booked)

Overall, my experience was exceptional and Ste. Anne’s has really proven to be one of my favourite spa’s I’ve visited. That being said, I’m already planning a return visit in the new year!

Have any of you been to Ste. Anne’s recently? What are some of your favourite treatments? What other spas have you been to? I want to know!

xx HBL




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