Ste. Anne’s Spa: A Private Chef Experience


 I can’t even say enough how cool and very luxurious it is to have a professional chef come to your accommodations and cook an entire 4 course meal for you and your friends and family, especially when they’re as friendly as our chef, Lucas. The evening was so casual, delightful and refreshing, after our treatments for the day we retreated back to the Farm House to unwind and enjoy the private hot tub (with some delightful champagne bubbly, of course!) awaiting in eager anticipation the arrival of our chef. (*If you haven’t read Part 1 of this, click here to see the accomodations and find out more about the spa experience).

Lucas, our chef, arrived incredibly prepared with bins overflowing with fresh food and cookware, setting himself up in the kitchen to begin prepping and cooking. We were almost immediately treated to a delicious starter of homemade hummus and an olive sundried tomato dip with crispy, garlicky and lightly oiled crisps. To say everything was bursting with flavor is an understatement! It was phenomenal! We gobbled up every last crisp and just devoured the dips, by the time we were done the house was smelling of garlicy goodness and fresh cooking. And the food didn’t stop there; for the appetizer we were seated at the table to enjoy a handmade arugula salad with grilled peaches and goat cheese that was to die for. Again, the flavours! All the while chatting with Lucas about foods, cooking, life’s enjoyments all making for a really entertaining and wonderful experience.


 After appetizers we retired to the living room for a short time to settle down as Lucas finished up dinner. My goodness. I mean, I hardly ever ask for seconds unless it’s at my own house because it feels rather embarrassing, but I fully embraced it this time as the dinner was just so delicious! Stylishly and decorative plated was a meal of Marsala chicken topped with sautéed shitake and portobello mushrooms, baked potato pie with garlic and ghee, balsamic sautéed button mushrooms, garlicky herbed carrots, red wine infused zucchini all topped off with handmade basil chips. You can see now why I asked for more (right?!).


As we continued to enjoy our main course, conversation and good times the light scent of delicious chocolate overtook the room. It was dessert. A dairy-free molted chocolate lava cake with fresh raspberry, blueberries, mint and for everyone else a scoop of handmade ice cream.


We never wanted the night to end. As beautiful as the main dining hall is at Ste. Anne’s there’s nothing that compares to an intimate dinner you get to share with you closest friends and family. This was a beautiful offer set up for us by the Ste. Anne’s staff and something you too can enjoy! If you book an accommodations with 5 or more people you can simply request a private chef’s dinner for yourself and your friends! You will absolutely. never. be. disappointed.

 Would you try a private chef experience if you had the chance? Have any of you had this experience before? What were your thoughts? I’d love to know!

xx HBL



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