Clean Beauty: November Faves

I’m so excited right now. I get to share a whole bunch of new faves with you guys in the clean, green and natural beauty world that I’ve been using and loving. I’m really liking this series as I get to share with you all products that I’ve actually been using and really love! Unless stated otherwise, all the products listed in the monthly faves will be products I have used. I feel that a really trust-worthy guarantee that they really are my faves, since I am in fact using them! So, let’s have a look:

Graydon Clinical Luxury The Putty 
My goodness I love this cream. If you have a burn, scratch, itch, rash, bite.. this cream is liquid gold. It’s actually not only my favoruite, but my husbands too! He loves using it on bites especially in the summer with all the mosquitoes and cuts and scratches to help them heal better.

 Herbivore Botanical Orchid Facial Oil
Ah. I’ve already said how obsessed I am with this brand and facial oil but I’ll say it again: I’m obsessed. If we’re going on smell alone, honestly, it’s my absolute fave. But the oil itself it just so amazing, it’s light-weight and very moisturizing. A little goes a long way too, so the bottle will last you almost forever! (for all my Canadian friends.. and anyone with access to Sephora, you can now purchase this beautiful oil online at!!)


 Cara’s All Natural Products Sugar Scrub
So I mentioned Cara’s body butter in my October faves post but I really couldn’t just list one and be done with it. Guys, Cara’s products are seriously my top fave for skincare out there. Her sugar scrub is so nourishing, hydrating and really really helps to cleanse the skin of dead skincells and yuckies. It’s seriously delicious smelling too. Win-win.

Graydon Clinical Luxury Germs Away Mist
So, I already mentioned one graydon product and I try to keep it to one product, one brand per monthly fave but I just haaaaaave to tell you how incredible this spray is. First, my husband swears by it. literally. He works in construction and by the end of the day… I don’t want those boots coming anywhere near the inside of the house, but as soon as he sprays the boots with a few squirts, it’s like magic. The smell basically disappears. And it’s not a trick, hoax or anything weird. Guys, the spray works. In fact, I shared how incredible it was for removing skunk smell from the house when my pup got sprayed a few months ago. You should honestly pick up a bottle and you’ll never regret it. Good-bye toxic febreeze.

Element Botanicals Potion Natural Deodorant
I love love love the smell of this one. And that they’ve formulated it into a stick. To be honest, I didn’t mind when switching to natural deodorant that there was the whole skin-to-skin contact to apply it. It was new, and I was excited that I was doing something good for my body but as time went on, I found it a bit inconvenient and sometimes awkward to apply.. so I love the stick idea. This potion deodorant, really is a potion. It makes you smell deliciously fresh and feels quite nice to apply. I’d recommend this, hands down, to anyone looking to try a new natural deodorant that actually works!

Kaia Juicy Bamboo Facial Wipes
Ok, so I don’t use these every single day, but when I’m on vacation or away from home even just for a night these wipes are so so fantastic and handy. They’re all natural facial wipes that cleanse your face from make-up and yuckies and come in a cute little container or even better little individual sized packets for easy travel. They smell delightfully fresh too!

So, there you have it. Some of the amazing and incredible beauty loves of the month! Let me know what you’d like to see next month or if you want to see a new post on any of these products specifically!


 xx HBL


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