Adult Colouring Books: What Are They & Should You Get One?

There is a lot of hype over this new ‘fad’, and I mean A LOT of hype. It’s been all over social media, the news, online.. not to mention the books popping up on every store shelf! So what are they? Well, there’s no guessing here, they are real colouring books. Similar to the ones you had as a kid or even buy for your kids now however, the designs and artwork are more abstract and require more of a trained hand and eye. The original intention with these books was to help relieve stress through a creative outlet. Does it work? Apparently the world thinks so, with everyone and their significant other grabbing these off the shelves and ordering copious amounts off amazon, this stress relieving method is proving it’s worth.

I picked up one at the Chapters in the Oshawa Centre Mall during my shopping spree and put t to the test. I’m ready to share my opinion with you all and some recommendations for a few reasonably priced books you can get your hands on, quickly.

Initially I felt so odd, sitting at my table grabbing various colored pencils and ‘scribbling’ in color between the lines, but after a while it really grew on me. I’m not going to say I drifted off into a wondrous adventure or was memorized and immediately relieved of all stress. That would be really unrealistic. But. It did really help me feel a bit more relaxed and calm. It kind of took me back to childhood when I’d do this kind of activity in school. I definitely think there’s something calming about reminiscing our childhood. I made it a point to try it out for a few nights and tended to have the same reaction each time. It’s calming and relaxing and I would actually recommend it to someone looking to de-stress a bit.

 So, here’s a few links to some books I thought were great and the one that I actually used:

  1. Secret New York

2. Color Me Calm

3. Tropical World

4. Secret Garden

5. Intricate Inspirations

6. Secret Tokyo


What are your thoughts on Adult Colouring Books? Have you tried one?

xx HBL


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