The Truth About My Beauty Collection!

Hopefully the title caught your attention, I really wanted to share this as I’ve been finding it a bit overwhelming recently to keep up with the green & clean beauty world and the cost of the products. Mind you, I do get a lot of products sent to me as it’s part of my job as a blogger. I am forever grateful to the brands who’ve sent me products to review and try and more thankful to have established really good relationships with some of them! However, there are still A LOT of products I need to complete my ‘green’ collection! I still have quite a few un-green beauty products in my collection – specifically my make-up collection and I just wanted to share this with you guys so you can understand that going ‘green’ in the beauty world is a process! You absolutely do not have to dump everything you have and go spend $1000’s of dollars on new green products! Build your collection slowly and focus firstly on things that directly touch and impact your skin.

For example, I still have some un-green foundations, bb creams, eye shadows, bronzers, concealers.. the list goes on.. so I started to focus on what was touching my skin the most and began to replace those first!

I recently purchased the Graydon Glow cream, which I absolutely love (p.s you can get it for a great price HERE)! It serves as an incredibly rich facial cream annnnd a primer for your makeup which is great. (I know some green beauty bloggers wont agree with this but) I then don’t feel as guilty using up the rest of my ‘non-green’ foundation (when I wear it, which isn’t all the time!) even though some of it can still be absorbed into the skin, I’m realistic. I spent a lot of money on my makeup and new green beauty cosmetics can cost a pretty penny, so, sometimes I don’t have the funds to switch them immediately. (and yea, there’s the reasoning that you should be comfortable in your own skin, makeup is not a nessecity, yada-yada.. but I like makeup. I like wearing it. so…).

I’m slowly adding to my makeup collection but it hasn’t made it’s way there yet. I do have some fantastic blushes and concealers from Au Naturale which is a great and affordable green beauty brand, along with some lipsticks and lip glosses from other green beauty brands like Au Naturale, Ilia and FitGlow Beauty. I switched out my mascara as soon as I could to the 100% pure black tea one, which I do love so much but it’s quite pricey (about $25 CAD).


So, there is absolutely no need to feel guilty because you haven’t swapped out your entire beauty collection to green products! I get that it takes time and money to replace everything and I hope this post helps you to see that it’s even a process for those of us who promote a green and clean lifestyle!

I will also mention that my entire skincare collection (thanks to the kindness of beauty brands) is entirely green, clean & natural and I wouldn’t have that any other way. Especially my body washes and lotions since that’s getting applied over the largest areas of my skin.

Again, don’t be afraid to start slow and really start looking at other beauty bloggers who’ve reviewed green cosmetics. Their reviews and opinions are always genuine and they’ll help you narrow down some products that would be good for your skin type! Some of my favourite beauty bloggers are: Julie from Let’s Talk About Green, Jana from Small Bits of Loveliness, Jen from Luminous-Spirit and Amanda from Organic Bunny! A really great YouTube channel is The Green Bunny and of course checking your products on the EWG site and Think Dirty app will help you determine whether the product is really safe and green. 

Have you swapped a beauty product for a green one? Which one did you swap out first?


xx HBL


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