Loving Lately 08.01.16

Oh snow, you. Makin’ it feel like winter and stuff.

I can’t help but feel a little excited when the first snowfall hits, I do enjoy looking at all the snow topped trees and fresh blankets of snow on the ground… from inside my warm and cozy little house. Step outside and make me scrap off the ice from my car? Another story, people. Another story. But here we are. And I’m really excited because there’s a cute little photo I’ve been waiting to share with you guys (it’s so simple but I love it) and now that there’s snow, it seems the perfect time so to introduce the loves of late, here’s the first one!

Winter Wonderland
I think I like the thought and idea of this photo, but actually getting me to be one of those people there… yea.. I’ll enjoy from a distance. But cute nonetheless, right??


Adorable Animals
How can you not. Really.


Village Juicery
The beautiful people at Village Juicery sent me a little care package before the holiday that was just so perfect and much needed! I absolutely love their juice, cold-pressed, organic, fresh & raw. It’s the bomb and you should check them out!

Smoothie Bowls
Since enjoying so much time off in one go, I really got back into smoothie bowls. I have to say the one thing that deters me each morning is the amount of time it takes to make and eat said smoothie bowl.. so I usually just pour my smoothie into a cup a go. But with unlimited time on my hands I spent my mornings enjoying these treats and am so obsessed again!

Because, you know I love ’em.


Positive Vibes

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Sending you guys lots of love and positive vibes (obvs) 😉

xx HBL


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