2016 – The Year of Change


My Husband would laugh if he read this post. He knows me too well and always know when I’m ready for change. I love change. I rarely feel uneasy when things are changed up, mixed around.. I embrace it. My ‘thing’ is every 2 years. I don’t stick with something for very long, I tend to get bored easily and love new exciting adventures. This is why I feel we travel as much as we do. This is why I haven’t held the same job for over 2 years or more.. and as we approached 2016 I thought to myself, it’s been 2 years blogging. So, what now?

Well.. I’ve decided to change things up a bit again. I’ve really developed a passion for blogging, so to keep things interesting not only for you guys but for myself, I’m going to start focusing more on ‘posting days’. What is that? Well I’d like to post every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. Currently I have a mini-series dedicated to Friday (Loving Lately) and Sundays are Beauty days, but I feel it really limits what I can post when, so instead of selecting specific days for specific topics I’m going to post exactly what I feel like posting! I want to kind og guarantee 3 posts a week, if there’s more, hey! even better right?

I feel when I limit the day to a specific post, but am not entirely feeling it.. it comes across as dull or forced. I find the best blogs I enjoy reading are ones that are scheduled days with the blogger selecting the content for each post. It feels more authentic, like yea, they really wanted to share that today.

I hope you guys will continue to stay along for the ride! I’ll still post Loving Lately’s but I’m not going to specificly keep them to a weekly schedule or Friday only posts. And of course that means, beauty posts anytime I feel like it! Woohoo!


Thank you all so much for an amazing 2 years. I really do love every single one of your comments and emails and love hearing from you, your thoughts and even just hellos. Let’s make 2016 an incredible year, together!


xx HBL



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