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This post is long overdue, I just somehow got distracted and caught up and never had a chance to post about it. But since I am a huge advocate for green juice and cold pressed organic juices, I really want to share more of these kinds of posts with you guys! Whether it be a juice cleanse, a visit to a juicer or even a recipe, you guys will be seeing and hearing more about it.

So, Village Juicery.  One of the best in town if you ask me. They strongly advocate for transparency and ensuring their consumer base knows their juice is top quality. I really appreciate that. Being new to juice, juicing and buying ‘cold pressed’ juices can be over whelming, especially when you pick up that plastic bottle of green juice at your local supermarket that claims its cold pressed, but behind the scenes is really (high-pressure) pasteurized and contains little to no goodness anymore. Not to mention you just paid $8 or $9 for green water.. It’s a little frustrating.

 A few reasons why I love Village Juicery:

  • Juice is made fresh everyday, locally in Toronto
  • Their juice is always organic and cold-pressed
  • They never pasteurize their juices
  • You will always get their juice in a glass bottle (no plastic)
  • They breakdown the juice contents with percentage of fruit, root & veg on the back label  

Village Juicery prints their assurance that the juice your drinking was not pasteurized (HPP’d), is always organic and cold pressed on every. single. bottle. I love it. I love real, pure green juice in it’s rawest form. I’ve really let go of labels and extremes since stepping away from a vegan diet but I simply can’t let go of the importance to buy quality green juice, especially when it can be a bit costly. My last visit to a juicer cost me $40 and I only walked away with 3 juices, but I knew they were the highest quality, cold-pressed, organic and not pasteurized.

 The other great thing about Village Juicery is the ‘What’s Inside’ info on the back of the bottles, you’ll always know what percentage of veg, root and fruit are in your juice, which can be even more helpful when picking out a cleanse.

I had the opportunity to meet one of the founders at a trade show almost 2 years ago, they were a new green juice company on the market with beautiful labels, bottles and even more beautiful looking juice. My friend and I were able to sample their selection at the time and walked away with 4 bottles of juice determined to try them again.

So, here’s the one thing about green juice and me – Green Juice is (usually) in Toronto and I’m in Durham.. It’s always a far trek for me to get my green juice fix, hence the reason why I spend $40 in one stop! Village Juicery has always come to my rescue whenever I need a juice fix, it’s like without knowing it they can read my mind. I’ve been graciously gifted 2 huge juice packs in the past, just at the right time, each time. I love their juice and am a loyal fan and customer. I’d more than recommend visiting their shop in Toronto if you get the chance.

Have you tried Village Juicery? What’s your favourite juice flavor?

xx HBL


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