5 Of My Favourite Skincare Products For Winter & Dry Skin

I’ve been sharing about some of these already on instagram because my hands can use all the help they can get during these incredibly dry winter months. (Can you say alligator skin?!). As I’m sure most of you deal with similar dry skin issues, if you have to deal with winter (if not, well.. lucky you!) you’re probably always on the hunt for a good skincare product that actually works and hydrates your skin. Plus, when it’s full of clean ingredients and really good for you, how can you say no?

I’ve done all the research and testing for you guys so now all you have to do is read it out and click the links to purchase your own green skincare products to have heavenly hands!

  1. Wildwoods Hand Salve
    I actually can’t get enough of this stuff! I love using it on the driest parts of my skin (cuticles, knuckles, elbows..) and it really gets into the skin to smooth it out and feel more hydrated. It also smells like delicious cinnamon, so.. yea it’s good!  
  2. Graydon The Green Cream
    So, I know this is kind of a ‘summer’ cream and I did talk about it a few months back but I’m still using it and its keeping my skin happy so I really really love it. The smell reminds me of summer to, so it really lights up my mood during these cold dark days. It’s incredibly hydrating and filled with plant based ingredients. A salad for your skin!  
  3. Cara’s All Natural Products Ultra Rich Hand Cream
    You guys already know how much I love Cara and her products. I like to think I’m her biggest fan and seriously can’t get enough of everything she makes but this luxury cream was really the answer to my dry skin problems this winter! I love it because it’s rich and creamy but it’s not firm like her measha’s body butter so you don’t have to dig into the jar to scoop out product. It’s rich but lightweight and feels really good on your skin. Bonus: It comes in a variety of flavours so you can choose what you love!  
  4. Sugar Scrubs
    So I couldn’t just pick one, and I guess I should have said sugar/coffee scrubs because either of them work really well to remove dead skin cells and really prep your skin to absorb more of your body cream and lotion. A few of my faves are Cara’s Sugar Scrub, Perk Naturals, Joe Scrub & Revival Body Care   
  5. Sweet Almond Oil
    This is probably the cheapest and easiest addition you could make to your skincare routine and your skin will seriously thank you! Almond Oil is incredddddddibly hydrating and because it’s just a one natural ingredient oil it’s so easy for your body to absorb. Simply rub a bit onto your wet skin after a shower and towel dry off. You’ll notice a difference immediately.

Say goodbye to rough, dry, cracking skin and hello to a happy new you! What products do you guys love using in Winter? Have you tried any of my suggestions?

xx HBL


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  1. February 9, 2016 / 5:57 am

    I need to try these! My hands are absolutely the worst in the winter!

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