Clean Beauty: January Faves

Hello Beauties!

I feel like I totally forgot about my monthly fave’s since I went on a little vacay in December, but no worries! I’m back and of course ready to share some of my faves of the month with you all!

Sacred WildWood Botanical Balm

I am obsessssssed with this balm. My hands have been deadly dry this winter and this balm really regenerates the moisture in my hands. I’ve found it incredibly helpful to keep my skin from cracking and drying out completely. It works wonder annnnnnd smells like cinnamon. So. Good.

Perk Naturals Sugar Scrub

Any scrub in the winter is just amazing for our skin but I’ve really been enjoying Perk Naturals as it’s not too strong on scent. I really enjoy how soft the srub is too and it leaves a very moisturized feeling on my skin once it’s washed off. It really makes my skin glow!

FitGlow Beauty Lipgloss

I. Love. This. Lipgloss. If any of you were beauty lovers when you were young teenagers then you’ll remember the lipbalms and glosses you’d buy on the regular that smelt so yummy you couldn’t help but apply to your lips a ridiculous number of times a day. Well this gloss has that! A delicious smell, like insaaaaanely delicious and it’s made with green and clean ingredients so it’s super safe for your lips! win-win.

 Graydon Clinical Luxury FaceFood Mineral Mist

I’ve been using this every. single. day. Morning and night. After I cleanse my face I spritz a bit around my face to add back some important minerals, reduce redness and hydrate. It’s super ultra light weight and dries and absorbs in seconds so you can move on to applying your facial oils and creams.

Earthwise Beauty Blackstrap Molasses Face Mask

This is such a fantastic mask! It’s really easy to apply, a little goes a long way and I found it really boosted my skin in every way! It’s really firming and dries up quite tight on the face so you can really feel it working. I absolutely love it.

Graydon Clinical Luxury Face Glow

This cream has become my best friend and we will never be frenemies. I use this on the regular (every day) too before I apply my makeup. If you’ve been keeping up to date you’ll remember that I got really honest up on this blog before the holidays and admitted my makeup collection is far less than green. I like to be open with you guys because I want to be realistic here. I promote a green, organic and clean lifestyle wherever possible, but I do indulge and I’m not always 100% amazing at being a ‘Healthy Holly’. Anyways, if you want to read more about that click here. This face cream tho. It works as an amazing primer for makeup but if your not into the whole makeup thing this cream also gives you a glowing look to your skin and just makes it look more even and fresh. It’s incredible.

 There you have it! Some of my faves for the month. What beauty products have you guys been loving?

xx HBL


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