Loving Lately 12.02.16


Heeeyyyyyyyy, it’s Loving Lately. I had to today guys, because in this fridgid cold we need some happy, positive vibes! Plus, I kind of miss loving latelies, it’s such a fun way to share new and exciting things.

Jamies Italian
So Jamie Oliver opened a new restaurant in Canada featuring delicious, fresh and handmade Italian foods and I absolutely love it! My husband and I went with 2 of our best-est friends and just devoured almost everything on the menu. I have to say the food was very good, fresh and reasonably priced. The service was fantastic, we never waited long for anything and everyone we spoke with was incredibly friendly. The atmosphere is very relaxed and in a weird way its both romantic and kid-friendly. I’d recommend a visit if your in Toronto, although you’ll want to make a reservation as it gets booked up reeeeeeeeal quick.

Beach Vibes
You guys, this cold weather has me ittttttching for a beach vacation like never before. I need warmth. In a more realistic scenario – a hot bevvy, faux fur blankets and a fireplace will do.


Cozy Home Vibes
I could live here the rest of my life.


Because. It’s a must.


Faux Fur Vests
I don’t know why I’m obsessed with these but I just really love how I feel when I wear them. They can really dress up an outfit and make them incredibly fun!


Outdoor Vibes
I know I know, I just said I want to escape to a beach, but that can only last so long and then you have to come back. What better way to come back home than to the ultimate backyard retreat!?


Giant Cozy Sweaters
My goodness.. these could almost work as housecoats. Love.


Positive Vibes


xx HBL


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  1. February 13, 2016 / 1:36 pm

    I need warmth as well! I’m dreaming of beach and sea ever since I came home from holidays last summer! <3 xx

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