Loving Lately – Baby Edition


Morning Friends!

I have to say, I feel a bit silly throwing that food diary post at you without first sharing the exciting pregnancy news! Baby brain has already started for me and it’s causing all kinds of forgetfulness. I get so used to my social channels sometimes I forget what I have and haven’t shared in a post on here. And because there’s just so much to learn and explore when you become a first-time mom I wanted to share the journey and some of the tips and items I find useful! I’ve started a Baby section on the blog where I’ll keep all baby related posts including pregnancy, parenting and baby updates including a sneak peak at our gender reveal party happening next month!

Today I decided to share all of the baby/pregnancy related items and things I’ve been loving with you guys! I hope you enjoy 😉

This has to be one of the coolest most innovative companies on the market right now for baby products! They are the geniouses behind the most coveted baby item of the year, Mamroo, an entirely hands-free rocking and swing system designed to feel realistically like a mothers rocking and swaying arms. I haven’t even tried it for myself yet (although some friends who have it, swear by it for their babies!) but you can be sure I’ll be adding it to my list of need-to-get baby items. They’ve also got some other ingenious inventions like the temperature monitored baby wash tub and one of the easiest foldable playpens on the market.


I know.. I mentioned this already in my Food Diary post but I am seriously loving them! It’s been the best way for me to get loads of nutrients and they’re so easy to make and drink in the mornings. I’ve got a whole page of smoothie recipes right here if you want to try something new!


My Husband and I love this store! They just recently opened their second location in Canada right here in Whitby and I have to say they did a good job. The entire store is very clean and bright and they carry all the latest and greatest baby items (including the mamaroo). They have one of the largest stroller selections I’ve seen with almost every model on the floorfor you to try out. It’s a great alternative to Babies R US.


I stumbled across this brand in a boutique baby store in Toronto and fell in love. With everything! They are a Canadian company that makes the softest bamboo blankets and cozy sleepers. You and baby will just love everything from here.


The Honest Company
I know there’s a bit of controversy of the true ‘natural’ and ‘green’ -ness to these products, but considering they are one of the few designed as safe(r) for babies and pregnant woman, I’m loving their products! I recently purchased a pack of wipes for myself as make-up remover cloths as they were quite a bargain and the sheets are nice and thick.  I’m also really enjoying their body oil and ensure to apply it every night on my belly so help with stretch marks.


Tassel Garlands
I am seriously loving these DIY tassels for baby shower/party décor! They are just so cute and after reading a few DIY blogs on how to make them, they’re really easy! You’ll be sure to see some in my Gender Reveal post next month 😉


Positive Vibes
Because I couldn’t not include this!


Have a beautiful weekend loves.

xx HBL


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