How To Wash Your Vegetables

Ok, so this might seem like a no brainer or even a useless post – but! I promise once you read it over you’ll have a whole new appreciation for washing your veggies, in the best way possible!

Depending on your budget and lifestyle you may not be able to purchase organic produce or perhaps you limit your organic purchases to the dirty dozen list – either way – it’s still important to give your veggies a nice wash to ensure there are no residues remaining on the skin. This is especially important when you’re eating raw uncooked veggies (Hey all my raw vegan friends!). If you simply don’t buy organic (for whatever reason, I’m not judging!) than these tips would be especially important so you can wash off as much pesticides and other residues as possible. Actually, if I’m being honest I don’t always buy organic either (shocker!) I know, I know.. I advocate for the best and healthiest lifestyle I’m also realistic and I have a budget. Let’s just say a trip to Whole Foods is not a weekly occurrence.

So why is washing your fruits and veggies so important? Well in Canada if a produce item is organic but imported from another country, our regulations currently require them to be sprayed by an ‘organic’ pesticide before it’s distributed throughout the country. Even organic farmers within Canada sometimes use these ‘organic’ pesticides so if you’re not buddies with the farmer next door you wont know if your produce is clean or not. This is why washing produce is your best bet for the cleanest most edible produce out there!


So, how are you going to wash up those awesome little veggies you want to cook up for dinner? Let’s have a look.

How To Wash Your Vegetables

Firstly, you always want to rinse your produce under water – luke warm to cold temperature is the best.

  1. Soak your veggies in a sink of cool water with 1-2 drops of oil of oregano. This is the best tip I ever learned as oil of oregano is an incredible anti-viral and anti-bacterial product. It will kill off any nasties that might be sitting on the skin of your produce. Let is soak for approx. 3-5 minutes and then gentle scrub and rinse off each produce item individually.
  2. Soak your veggies in Apple Cider Vinegar. This method is similar to oil of oregano but the smell and possible left over flavor is far less noticeable.
  3. Soak your veggies in a sink of cool water and about 5 drops of orange or lemon essential oils. Both of these oils have anti-bacterial properties and will help kill off any bugs or weird-ies from your produce.
  4. Get a premade produce wash. These can be found easily in the organic/natural section of your super market or any natural/health food store around. I tend to use the 3 methods above, but this is the least scented and flavoured option so I know lots of people that use it.

Do you have any other good tips on how to wash your veggies?

xx HBL



  1. Nadia Peyrungaro
    March 20, 2016 / 2:05 pm

    Great tips! I use white vinegar with water. Is that ok to use?

    • Kate
      March 21, 2016 / 9:54 am

      That’s great! White vinegar is a great option to soak & wash with 🙂

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