Healthy & Natural Egg Substitutes

I have to admit this was one of the hardest things to get used to and replicate in baking when I was vegan. Cutting eggs out of baking and other dishes is like removing the glue from a post-it note. It’s virtually useless. BUT. Then came along these incredible natural ingredients I was already using that also seemed to work incredibly well at binding ingredients together. Hello, non-crumbly cake!

Ok. So now on to eggs, or perhaps I should say non-eggs. (Ha..ha..) ok ok. I’m going to list my 3 faaaaaavourite ways to sub eggs in a recipe and I’m also going to share a 4th which I don’t believe it’s quite as healthy or natural however, it works really well and is surprisingly used quite frequently in the commercial vegan baking world.

  • Flax ‘Egg’
    You may have already seen me use this in some of my recipes. I like using it in my pancakes for the added fibre and it’s incredddddibly binding so it’s a really awesome substitute. The only thing with flax is to either freeze or refrigerate it to avoid having it go rancid. Because, that can happen and it’s not healthy or safe.


  • Chia ‘Egg’
    This is a similar concept to Flax, where it can be ground up and added to water to create a really great binder in baking. If I’m running low on flax I swap it for chia and hardly notice the difference.


  • Bananas
    Yep. Bananas. They are so awesome as binders, whenever I make a banana type loaf or bread or even muffins I usually don’t need to add chia or flax. The best way to use Bananas is when they’re incredibly ripe and spotty. They can be mashed easily and bind to dry ingredients with ease.


  • Xanthan Gum
    So this is the not-so-natural one that I do on occasion use just because it’s really easy and a little goes a long way! I have to say it probably works the best as a binder, half a teaspoon is all you need. You’ll find this ingredient used in some of your favourite local vegan bake shops.


    I’ve personally used all 4 of these options as egg replacements so I can vouch for their integrity. I can also say it makes baking a bit more fun and challenging to use an egg substitute! Have any of you tried egg substitutes in baking or cooking?


    xx HBL


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    1. JoyF
      March 30, 2016 / 10:23 am

      Great post Kate! My daughter was recently diagnosed with having egg allergies so I have been interested in finding egg replacements in recipes. I’m more interested in personal opinions with these substitutions, which you provided! Thank you!

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